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Pretty In Cabaret Pink

KS Cedar Street Maise in cabaret pink. End of July bag. Have the Maise in nine colors now! LOVE this bag!!

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Fresh Air

Bag the first two weeks of July! Love the Fresh Air color! Will always love the Cedar Street Maise!!!

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Kate Spade Pop Up At Heathrow

How cool is this??!! I read that KSNY has a pop up store at Heathrow! Shopping has just got better at the airport!!! From Business Traveller: Kate Spade and Company has opened a pop-up shop at Heathrow’s Terminal 5. The new location … Continue reading

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Pink Bonnet Cedar Street Maise

My new maise is here!!! Love this color so much!!!!

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Kate Spade Seahorse Maise

This is the bag I used the past two weeks. Bought her on sale back in February!! Finally we got some good weather and I was able to enjoy her! Love the seahorses!

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Vacation Books

These are the six books I brought with me to Jamaica! I only read the top three books and can’t wait to read the next three this spring/summer!

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Boston To Montego Bay!

On Saturday April 8, 2017 I flew from Boston to Montego Bay for a week! My flight was a little later than last year which meant I could sleep until 6:30am and I was picked up around 7:30am for my … Continue reading

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