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Friends London Episodes

Friends went to London in 1998. Twenty years ago. How is that possible?!!! Advertisements

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Friends At U2!

I knew Jenn and her husband and son were going to be at the U2 concert! I didn’t know that her Mum was going too! How awesome is that??! It wasn’t her first U2 show either.  She was at the … Continue reading

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Cafe Fleuri Chocolate Bar 2013

Saturday December 7th was our fifth year visiting Cafe Fleuri’s Chocolate Bar and it did not disappoint! This year there were two new people!  Kim and Jenn’s cousin Susie joined us so there were six of us! The Langham Hotel … Continue reading

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Chocolate Bar 2013

Today was our FIFTH visit to The Langham Hotel’s Chocolate Bar at Cafe Fleuri! The day started with a tiara! Then ended with cotton candy! More pictures tomorrow! : )

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What A Difference A Year Makes

It really is amazing how different this summer is compared to last summer already!  Time in Maine was so good and I wasn’t constantly worrying like last year! Last June, July & August was not enjoyable dealing with the evil … Continue reading

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Dinner With Friends

Tonight I went to dinner with two friends I have known for 25+ years. Yes, they started out as work friends but now I consider them real friends. I haven’t worked with either of them in four years, but we … Continue reading

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Thankful on Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for! My Mom and three brothers who always look out for me. My friends who are near and far. A job and some of the co-workers that make it tolerable. My … Continue reading

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