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Eleven Year U2 Honolulu Anniversary!

Eleven years ago today U2 played at Aloha Stadium. The show had been rescheduled from April 2006. How amazing would it be if U2 returned to Honolulu?!!!! //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js I would seriously think about returning to Hawaii if U2 did too!! … Continue reading

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Ten Year U2 Honolulu Anniversary!

Ten years ago U2 played at Aloha Stadium on Oahu!! Ten years!!!! (the concert was postponed from April…) It’s hard to believe it’s been that long!!  CRAZY!! Will U2 tour in 2017??! Will they return to Honolulu? That would be … Continue reading

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Travel Keepsakes In My Cube

It’s coming up on two years since I’ve moved back upstairs to the third floor. It took a little getting used to the open floor plan and some days it is VERY noisy! My cube isn’t as decorated as it … Continue reading

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Six Years Ago Tonight U2 Aloha Stadium!

2006 seems like such a long time ago. It’s when I started this blog! It’s also when I was on Oahu to see U2 at Aloha Stadium! Maybe they’ll return there again some day for a show!  

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The Descendants

Not sure how I missed this movie but watched it today. George Clooney and the gorgeous views of Hawaii make this movie amazing. The story makes it so much better! If you get a chance watch this movie!

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Photo A Day June…Day 20

Day 20… Favorite photo you’ve ever taken. I loved taking pictures long before I got involved with scrapbooking.  I’ve taken so many photos.  Sometimes 600+ from just one trip.  LOL! I’d have to say some of my favorite photos came … Continue reading

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Aloha Luggage

I’m no Maxxinista… But I did stop by T.J.Maxx tonight. I wanted to look at handbags and sheets.  Both areas were a letdown. But….there was plenty of cool luggage to be seen! How cool would this luggage be to take on … Continue reading

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