Cape Neddick Lobster Pound August 2017!

August is a busy time in York!

We visited CNLP twice for dinner!

cnlp sign

Luckily we know to call ahead to get on the list!

Sunday for dinner was easy.

cnlp flowers

There is a funny story for Wednesday dinner!  When I called I thought I knew the person on the phone.  So I told them we were Table number one! (that’s the table we always sit at!)  She laughed and said :  not happening tonight.  (LOL)  I understood because it’s August!

When we got there it was SO CROWDED!!

cnlp buoys

But, guess what table we got?!  Table number one!  The lovely person that did know my family said:  They go right there!  : )

cnlp joe

cnlp rob

We all had the clam chowder and the twins had the steamers!

cnlp steamers

I had boiled lobster both visits!

cnlp keg

Mom LOVES their lobster roll !

cnlp lobster roll

One visit we all had the Pound brownie sundae.  SO GOOD!!!!

cnlp brownie sundae

We love this place and the views!

cnlp low tide

Hope to see you in October!!

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Fishermen’s Dock August 2017!

Our first stop in Maine right off the highway was Fishermen’s Dock!

It was 11:30am and we were ready for some excellent food!

Mom said:  This can be our first stop every visit right?!  YES!

We had three lunches and one dinner here in August.

Everyone is so nice here!

They all welcomed us back and greeted us with smiles!

Every visit we all had their yummy clam chowder!

The twins had the steamers every visit too!  They loved them!

joe fd steamers

fd steamers

I had boiled lobster all four visits!

Mom tried the lobster mac and cheese twice, then she had the swordfish and the baked haddock.  She enjoyed all her meals!

fd lobster mac and cheese

The twins had the fried scallops and fried clams each visit.  Excellent portion size and they couldn’t get enough!

fd scallops and clams

Everyone here works hard!

Our favorite server is Mimi.  She goes above and beyond and gave us hugs on our last meal there!

See you in October!!

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Eight August Lobsters!!

I love August!!!

I love York Beach Maine!

I LOVE Lobster!!!

I had eight lobsters this visit!

Soft shell and hard shell !


Four were from Fishermens Dock!

If I’m being honest the lobsters at FD were the best deal !

fd lobster

fd lobster 2

fd lobster 3

fd lobster 4 remnants

Two were from Cape Neddick!

cnlp lobster 1

cnlp lobster 2

One from Sun and Surf!

sns lobster

Last was from Roberts

roberts lobster

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One Less Problem Without You

one less problem without you

I hated this book.

There I said it.

I’ve loved all of Beth Harbison’s book.


I never write bad book reviews!

All the books I buy I usually love and end up getting all the books by that author.

I fell in love with Beth Harbison after reading “When In Doubt, Add Butter” and have read all her books since! (and before!!!)

Usually my 75 year old Mom reads my books after me!

So while I was reading “one less problem without you” I was thinking of my Mom’s reaction and I knew I wouldn’t be passing this book along to her.

This book was more horror than chick lit.

There was violence that I could’ve done without, but I kept reading only to find more violence later in the book.

It was not a happy chick lt read.  It was sad and depressing.

I would not recommend this book at all and will think twice before buying/reading another book by Beth Harbison.

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Twins View

The twins are good sports.

They don’t spend hours in the sun.

But they do enjoy some time outside enjoying the view!

They both have a tan this August!

twins view

rob and joe view


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kittery map

If it’s a cloudy day we usually head to Kittery.

Lots of shopping and eating to be done!

Some of my favorite stores are gone.  Must be a sign of the times.

But Lindt chocolate is still there!  YUM!

One of our favorite restaurants closed about ten years ago.  The Quarterdeck had THE BEST clam chowder and baby bay scallops.  YUM!

roberts kittery

Robert’s is the new restaurant at the same location.

It was a busy time of day but luckily there was a valet to worry about the parking!

Mom had the lobster roll.  (it was smaller than I remember last time but she enjoyed it)

What did I have for lunch?!


roberts lobster

This lobster was the most expensive of all eight lobsters I had.  It was supposed to be a pound and a half and I thought hard shell.  It was soft shell.  I didn’t need a nutcracker to open it and good thing since they brought the tools to eat my lobster late.

I wanted to love Roberts like we had in the past.

This visit was a little disappointing though.

The food was good.

The chowder was excellent!

The service was lacking.

I was supposed to get a salad with my lobster and they brought it over AFTER the lobster???  Huh???!

Someone (not out waitress) brought over the lobster.  No bib, nutcracker or pail/bowl for my lobster scraps.  The bib was thin cloth so if butter dripped on it, I know it dripped through to my top!

I was happy with the lobster. (just not the price compared to other places)

Would not rush back here again.

I got to go because the twins went to a movie.  They didn’t like this place from last year and didn’t want to return.

I had to tell them about this visit.

They were kind enough not to say:  I told you so!

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Eight Years Ago Two U2 Shows At Wembley Stadium!

August 14 and 15 2009.

U2 Two nights in a row at Wembley Stadium!!!

U2 Claw at Wembley Stadium

EIGHT years ago.


I would love to go back to London some day.  But the world needs to get a lot safer first!!

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