Mint Mojito Cedar Street Maise

KS Mint Mojito Cedar Street Maise

KS Mint Mojito Cedar Street Maise

Is it possible to love a bag too much?????!

I love Kate Spade’s Cedar Street Maise!

It’s the perfect size and comes in TOO many colors.

Oh, and now they will monogram.

I’ve got this bag in cabaret pink and the mint mojito!

I rotate so often that they never meet one another!  LOL!

Mint Mojito is in the rotation this week!


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The Guest Cottage

the guest cottage

I LOVE that every summer Nancy Thayer puts out a new book!!  She is one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading her new release each year!

Luckily for the past few years she has also released a Winter/Christmas book too!

The Guest Cottage was a perfect summer read!  I felt like I was on Nantucket as I was reading!

From Amazon:

Sensible thirty-six-year-old Sophie Anderson has always known what to do. She knows her role in life: supportive wife of a successful architect and calm, capable mother of two. But on a warm summer night, as the house grows quiet around her and her children fall asleep, she wonders what’s missing from her life. When her husband echoes that lonely question, announcing that he’s leaving her for another woman, Sophie realizes she has no idea what’s next. Impulsively renting a guest cottage on Nantucket from her friend Susie Swenson, Sophie rounds up her kids, Jonah and Lacey, and leaves Boston for a quiet family vacation, minus one.

Also minus one is Trevor Black, a software entrepreneur who has recently lost his wife. Trevor is the last person to imagine himself, age thirty and on his own, raising a little boy like Leo—smart and sweet, but grappling constantly with his mother’s death, growing more and more closed off. Hoping a quiet summer on the Nantucket coast will help him reconnect with Leo, Trevor rents a guest house on the beautiful island from his friend Ivan Swenson.

Best-laid plans run awry when Sophie and Trevor realize they’ve mistakenly rented the same house. Still, determined to make this a summer their kids will always remember, the two agree to share the Swensons’ Nantucket house. But as the summer unfolds and the families grow close, Sophie and Trevor must ask themselves if the guest cottage is all they want to share.

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Sunday Night Sleep

I don’t usually sleep well Sunday nights.

Not sure if it’s worrying about the work week ahead?

Or worrying about Mondays in general.

But, Sunday nights into early Monday mornings I’m usually tossing and turning.

During the summer we have ‘summer hours’ which means if I’ve got 40 hours in before noon on Friday I can escape.

I usually make up most of those hours on Monday.

Try and stay as late as I can so I won’t have to wake up early every day!

It’s not always easy, because Sunday night sleep isn’t that good.

Not that I want summer to be over, but I won’t miss Summer hours when we are done for the year!

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Mammogram Time



Yesterday was my yearly mammogram.

I like that they have Saturday hours.

It’s always less crowded/busy on early Saturday mornings!

The technicians that perform the mammograms are excellent.

They distract me with questions and it’s always quick and painless.

My Mom waited for me outside and then we went out for a yummy breakfast.

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Travel Keepsakes In My Cube

It’s coming up on two years since I’ve moved back upstairs to the third floor.

It took a little getting used to the open floor plan and some days it is VERY noisy!

My cube isn’t as decorated as it was a few years ago.

But, I still have some travel keepsakes that make me smile!

Pencil sharpeners from London.

London pencil sharpeners

London pencil sharpeners

This was from a set of scrapbooking coasters.

hawaii coaster

hawaii coaster

Handmade in the Bahamas



Some days it’s the little things that make my day!

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Pita Wins Big Twice In One Week!!

I don’t buy scratch tickets.

My pita brother does though.  He is smart about it and spends the money he gets from cashing in scrap metal, so it’s not really his own money that he is using.

I got two texts from him this week.

Both winning scratch tickets.

Both for $500!!!

I may have to buy a scratch ticket?!

bg winner 1

bg winner 1

BG winner 2

BG winner 2

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Love These Ladies



Last night I went to dinner with these two lovely ladies!

Since it’s summer we also had refreshing drinks!

It was so good to sit and catch up with them!

I haven known them both for over thirty years and I am lucky to have them in my life!

: )


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