Five Months To My Birthday!

Five months!!!!

It’s crazy that in five months it’s my birthday again!



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Vacation Countdown

maine countdown

Three weeks until August Maine vacation!

Counting down!!

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Weymouth Police Office Killed In The Line Of Duty

WPD officer killed in line of duty

Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna was killed on Sunday July 15, 2018 in the line of duty. He was 42 and leaves behind a wife and two young children.

The town of Weymouth is devastated.

This past week has been like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

A police officer at the end of his shift responds to a simple car accident.  Except that it wasn’t that simple.  The driver of the car ran from the scene because he is a career criminal out on bail from other crimes.

The officer follows on foot and ends up getting shot and killed.  The criminal continues to flee and kills an innocent bystander/witness Vera Adams.  She was 77 years old.

Luckily the WPD was able to catch the criminal before he could cause more damage.

The vigil, wake and funeral were all covered completely by the press.  Police from across the country attended the wake and funeral.  More police motorcycles than the eye could count.

The town is lit up blue in support of WPD.  Almost every house on our street has blue lightbulbs on.  There are blue ribbons everywhere.

Hearts are broken.

The town will never be the same.

Praying for the family and friends of the officer.

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Summer Hours Update


After today there are only SIX Fridays left for early escape.

AND because of August vacation and a freebie early escape before Labor Day weekend I only have four weeks of coming in super early on Mondays!

I’ve got this!!!


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Always Vacation Dreaming!

travel plans

Vacations are always on my mind!

Counting down to Maine in August!

Checking instagram for what’s going on in Montego Bay!  : )

Dreaming is always free!

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Wicker Bag In July

wicker in july

inside my wicker bag

This is the Summer of wicker bags!!

I LOVE the shape of this Isla wicker bag and she holds more than I thought she would!

My wallet, two cosmetic cases, glasses, keys and phone!

I always have a tote for the day to day necessities!  Breakfast, snacks, umbrella, brush, ipod, chargers, notebook etc.

I still have a few more wicker bags to rotate in before summer ends!!

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The Forever Summer

the forever summer

This is the second book I’ve read by Jamie Brenner.  Plus I know there’s one to look forward to next summer too!  (The Husband Hour is out now, but I wait for the softcover versions!)

This book takes place in Provincetown.  While I was reading it I could picture myself shopping and eating along Commercial Street.  It’s been a few years but I remember Shop Therapy, The Lobster Pot and Sebastians!!  (We used to rent a house in Eastham for a week in June and always ventured out to P-Town!)

From Amazon:

Marin Bishop has always played by the rules, and it’s paid off: at twenty-eight she has a handsome fiancé, a prestigious Manhattan legal career, and the hard-won admiration of her father. But one moment of weakness leaves Marin unemployed and alone, all in a single day. Then a woman claiming to be Marin’s half-sister shows up, and it’s all Marin can do not to break down completely. Seeking escape, Marin agrees to a road trip to meet the grandmother she never knew she had. As the summer unfolds at her grandmother’s quaint beachside B&B, it becomes clear that the truth of her half-sister is just the beginning of revelations that will change Marin’s life forever. THE FOREVER SUMMER is a delicious page-turner and a provocative exploration of what happens when our notions of love, truth, and family are put to the ultimate test.

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