Photo Love

You know what I miss?


Blue Scrap


Scrapbooking classes.

Scrapbooking supplies.

Pink Scrap

Scrapbook embellies

Scrapbooking magazines and websites.

two peas closing

Scrapbooking friends.

It’s been a long time since I was creative and I miss it.

I actually miss photos too.

Before “scrapbooking” I would put all my ACTUAL photos in an album.  Not just an album on Facebook or sharing them on my blog.

After scrapbooking I would plan/dream about layouts for my photos and then at one point I just stopped.

So I haven’t put photos in an album or scrapbooked them either.

I need to fix that.

I know I won’t scrapbook, so I need to but the pictures that I do have in albums.

Also, I need to donate/recycle supplies I am not going to use.

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Thirty Five Years

Can’t believe that it has been thirty five years.

I hope we have made you proud in that time.

Miss you.

keg and Dad

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Happy Birthday Rob And Joe!!

Rob & Joe

rob and joe view

Love you both so much!

My favorite brothers!!!


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Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday!!

I’ve been on staycation this week.

Sleeping late, relaxing and letting go of stress.

Things didn’t go as planned for this week and that’s ok.

Sometimes you got to roll with the changes.

Plus the weather has been a mixed bag too so there is that.

I’m just happy/grateful to have had a week OFF!

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Travel Bucket List

I usually don’t like the phrase “bucket list” because I’ve been extremely lucky!

I’ve been to  A LOT of awesome places!!!

But I do have a list of places that I’d like to visit maybe one day!

The Saguaro Palm Springs, California

Joshua Tree National Park




Paris, France

Dreaming is free right?!!!!!

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Christmas Shopping!

christmas eve tree

I realized this week that I am already ahead of the Christmas shopping game!!

I am half way done with my shopping!!!

Getting it done early makes for a stress free December!!!

: )

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Happy Things

Happy things at work.

All summer and into the fall we’ve had yummy food trucks show up!

This grilled cheese and lemonade were so good on a cold rainy day!!

comfort food

THIS shopping bag!  I am in LOVE!  It’s all of my favorite London scenes!!!

I’ve got it hanging in my cube!   : )


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