Royal Wedding Anniversary

diana and charles 1981

diana and charles 1981

It’s hard to believe that the Royal Wedding was THIRTY FIVE years ago today.

July 29, 1981.  It was a Wednesday.

My friend Donna had slept over and we got up VERY early to watch this event live.

There was no internet back then, so the television was the only source of information.  Oh and the magazines!

A few weeks ago on the Reelz  cable network they had a weekend with coverage of the life and death of Diana and I watched several hours of it.

She looks so beautiful in this photo from her wedding day.

I wonder what her world would be like today if she didn’t pass away?

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The Rescuers

LOVE this movie!

R-E-S-C-U-E, Rescue Aid Society!!!

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Hair Salon Chatter

Last weekend I got my hair cut and colored.

I am still in love with my new place!

My girl is awesome and I love talking to her!

This was funny though:

The salon was busy on Saturday and there was a customer there that was talking about her recent vacation.

She actually said:  I liked Oahu, but it was very Americanized.

Say what?????????????

I had to stop myself from laughing out loud!!

Maybe that customer didn’t realize that Oahu is part of the USA??!!


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How Much Do I Heart U2?!

I Love U2.  I heart them!

I am a crazy, crazy fan!

Guess what?  I have never been to Las Vegas.

Nope.  Not yet…………..

It was announced this morning that U2 are headlining the Iheartradio music festival.


It’s true.  On Friday September 23rd in Las Vegas U2 will be headlining and playing with Billy Idol, One Republic and a list of other people I don’t know.

So, I went to the website to check this out.


u2 i heart radio

u2 i heart radio

I nearly fainted.

While I do HEART U2 very much, $815+ is just a bit much.  Maybe if it was just U2, and I got to sit next to Larry, that would be ok.


Seriously.  Bless those people that did buy tickets.  That is a lot of money.  I will continue to save my pennies for U2 and only U2.

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Island In The Sea

island in the sea

Island In The Sea is another great book by Anita Hughes!

She’s got another book coming out in August and I can’t wait for that!

From Amazon:

Juliet Lyman is a senior executive at Yesterday Records. Music is her passion and she’s very good at her job. That’s why her famously philanthropic boss Gideon sends her to Majorca, Spain to work with a very tortured, but talented client. Lionel Harding is one of the best song writers of the 20th century, the multi-Grammy award-winning lyricist of the third most recorded song in history. But now he’s 42 and six months overdue on the his latest paid assignment. Juliet is not leaving Majorca without either new lyrics or a very large check.

To Juliet, business comes first. Emotions are secondary, and love isn’t even on the menu. But to Lionel, love is everything, and he blames Gideon for his broken heart. He’s determined to show Juliet that nothing is more important than love, but Juliet is just as determined to get Lionel to create the music that made him famous. If she can sign up local talent, even better. Her new friend Gabriella has a voice like an angel, but she’s not interested in fame. Her grandmother, Lydia, wants the world for Gabriella, and she wants Juliet’s help to give it to her.

As her professional and personal lives start to mix for the first time, Juliet is forced to reevaluate her priorities. Gideon hasn’t been totally honest, and love may be the only thing that gives them all what they need.

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School Supply Shopping

back to school supplies

back to school supplies

Some kids need a little help with school supplies.

I saw a list of supplies on a Facebook page for our town, and they were looking for donations.

Friday after early escape it was 90 degrees in the shade, so I knew I wouldn’t be in the sun!!  So, off to Target I went!

The list of supplies that parents are given each year is CRAZY!  I don’t know how they do it!

I had fun picking things out.  Who doesn’t love notebooks and markers!

There were lots of people doing the same thing.  I thought July was a bit early, but I guess it really isn’t.  One mother commented to me how smart I was to be shopping alone!  I just giggled!

The woman at the Family Center was very grateful.

It makes me happy thinking about some kids going back to school in September!

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Great Customer Service

I did a post about bad customer service, so I think that great customer service deserves equal time!

Last week I tried a new place for lunch.  It’s an Italian restaurant close to work.  I had only been there once before for take-out salads for me and my Mom.  Those were delish!

This time I tried their meatball sub.  Right away when I placed my order over the phone it was a good experience.  The person that took my order was polite and clear about what I was ordering.  When I got there to pick it up, she called me by my name a few times in conversation and complimented my handbag!  The sub was SO GOOD and it cost less than it would at my regular place!

Amazon.  WOW!  Amazon’s customer service is AWESOME.  We have Prime and get free two day shipping.  This summer with all the new book releases I am able to pre-order the books and get them the day they come out!!!  How awesome is that?!  Oh, and the other thing is…..if the price of the book comes down after I order, I get the lowest price!  This just happened last week.  I got an email from Amazon saying they were going to credit me almost $4.  Wahooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Our new pizza place.  We found a new location for Tuesday night pizza and so far so good.  It’s been more than a month and each time has been great service.  The people that work there are excellent!  Plus their pizzas are SO GOOD!

Some mornings I stop at DD for a bagel.  The people that work at the DD I go to are smiling at 645am.  I don’t know how they do it, but when they smile, I feel like smiling too!  Thank you DD people that get up so early and are happy!

UPS.  Our UPS guy visits our house at least twice a week.  We have known him for years.  He always asks for my Mom and my brothers.  He is a genuine and kind person.  I just heard that he is retiring in a few weeks.  We will miss him, but it is a well deserved retirement!!!

Ok, that’s it for now.

If I can think of any other great customer service experiences I will share!

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