Saw Wonder The Movie!

The twins went to see The Justice League and I saw Wonder!

I was so glad the movies were playing at the same time!


Wonder was amazing!  I cried sad and happy tears!!

It was so good!

The little boy that played Auggie was AWESOME!!

The snacks at the movie were pretty good too.

Can’t resist movie theater popcorn!


I don’t go to many movies but was very happy I got to see this one!!!

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Verified Fan Mess

Even though I had success with the U2 presale earlier in the week it can’t go unmentioned that the presale for many fans was a MESS.

I joked about my membership being extended into 2019.  The way I understood it was that if I extended my membership one of the perks that came with it was the CHANCE to buy tickets in the first presale.

Extending my membership was my choice.  I understood that it was a CHANCE to buy tickets and there was no guarantee.

****What I (and lots of other fans) didn’t understand was that it was a lottery.  Not everyone that extended their membership got the chance to buy tickets????


I thought.  No way could this be true.

Oh, but it was true.  SO MANY UNHAPPY PEOPLE.

Why would U2 let this happen?

Reading all the stories this week has made me very sad for these longtime fans like me.

What is really adding salt to the wound is ALL THE TICKETS showing up on brokers sites for TWICE face value.

Someone at should be assigned to see who purchased those tickets, CANCEL them and CANCEL  their names from future sales!!

Hoping there will be an explanation for all the unhappy fans!

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U2 Presale Success!

I was nervous about this presale and becoming a “Verified Fan” !!

Yes, I even had nightmares the morning of the sale because we had lost power over the weekend!!

Before I went to sleep Monday night I received this email from

It gave directions on how to be ready for Tuesday morning!  Log into Ticketmaster early.  Make sure your credit card information is up to date.  Make sure you have your three digit secret code on the back of your credit card.  Do not hit refresh.  Verified Ticket sales may take longer than usual. Don’t let your phone dim and don’t have more than one window open on your computer!

Got all that????!!!  LOL!!

Tuesday morning I woke up to a text with a link to buy tickets and the MAGIC CODE!!!!

I sat in front of my desktop with my MacBook and iPhone ready to go!


I was READY!!

Finally it was almost time!


Out of all the devices my desktop pulled tickets first.

I am too old for GA and was looking for a decent seat.  I had all the locations of my seats from 2015 and knew what was good.  Truth be told any seat in the LOGE sections are amazing!  Those seats are the most expensive of course.  But, it’s Christmas time and my family are fighting over who can give me the ticket for Christmas.  I told them not to worry that maybe another show will be added!  LOL!  : )

I went with the first selection offered to me!!


Yes that price is for one seat.  Crazy I know, but U2 are the only band I see in concert now!

I was done in under 15 minutes.  I liked that I didn’t have to prove I wasn’t a BOT or do the photo captcha thingy!  Click all that have signs.  WHAT???!!?!

So it was pretty painless for me after all the stress and worrying.  Who knows what will happen if more shows are added for Boston.

Might have to go through this all again.  LOL!

June 2018.  U2 in Boston!!!  Wooot Woot!!!!!!

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November Vacation!


As of today I am on November vacation!

Eleven days off!!

Thanksgiving week!

Good food and lots of rest and relaxation!!!

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The Good Widow

LOVED this book!

Usually Liz and Lisa’s book are chick lit but this was a murder mystery that had me surprised in the end!

From Amazon:

Elementary school teacher Jacqueline “Jacks” Morales’s marriage was far from perfect, but even in its ups and downs it was predictable, familiar. Or at least she thought it was…until two police officers showed up at her door with devastating news. Her husband of eight years, the one who should have been on a business trip to Kansas, had suffered a fatal car accident in Hawaii. And he wasn’t alone.

For Jacks, laying her husband to rest was hard. But it was even harder to think that his final moments belonged to another woman—one who had left behind her own grieving and bewildered fiancé. Nick, just as blindsided by the affair, wants answers. So he suggests that he and Jacks search for the truth together, retracing the doomed lovers’ last days in paradise.

Now, following the twisting path of that fateful road, Jacks is learning that nothing is ever as it seems. Not her marriage. Not her husband. And most certainly not his death…

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U2 In Trafalgar Square

On Saturday November 11 U2 played in Trafalgar Square for MTV!!!

u2 trafalgar square

Earlier in the week I actually received an email to enter for a chance to win tickets. (I did not win!  LOL!)

They played:

Sunday Bloody Sunday


Get Out Of Your Own Way

You’re The Best Thing About Me

Beautiful Day




U2 Trafalgar Square

It must’ve been amazing to have been there!

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Grey’s Anatomy 300th Episode

The 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy was last Thursday and it was a great one!

300 episodes.  Amazing!

I knew I would cry, but didn’t realize I would WOO HOO loudly when Meredith won the Harper Avery award!!!

The waterworks really came at the end when everyone is cheering for Meredith and she looks up and sees the ghost of her Mom cheering for her too!

Thank you Ellis Grey for bringing us Meredith !!

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