November Bags

Fall bags are in full rotation!!!

Off shore navy maise.

ks offshore navy

Cliff grey maise!

cliff grey maise

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Picture A Perfect Christmas

Watched this one on Saturday.

Love happy endings!

This one made me tear up too!

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Credit Card Fraud Alert


One night last week I got the dreaded call.

Credit card company letting me know that my car was compromised.


It’s a bad feeling when this happens.

And then it’s annoying waiting for a new card.

I don’t use my card every day, but waiting those two days felt like forever!

dear criminals….get a job and use your own credit card!!!

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U2 JT Tour 2019

The U2 Joshua Tree Tour starts today.

I am very happy for the part of the world that gets to see the JT anniversary tour!

I thought about making the trip!  HA!  Ok, for about five minutes I did.

Too long flights, not enough time left at the end of the year.

Thanks to social media I will get to watch from the comfort of home!

u2 streets again

u2 screen streets

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Positive Thoughts Only Today

Good thoughts.



Good vibes.


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Christmas Shopping

I can’t believe that we are a week into November!

It’s crazy how time flies.

Yes, I know I say this all the time!

I’ve made a dent in my Christmas shopping!

Counting down to Christmas!

tree top Christmas Eve

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Merry And Bright

Watched this with Mom on Saturday night!

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