Mint Mojito Beauty

Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Mint Mojito

Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Mint Mojito

It’s always dangerous when I get an email from Kate Spade.  A few days ago they had a surprise sale on one of their best selling bags the Cedar Street Maise.  I saw the mint mojito color in the store two weeks ago during a sale event!!  The salesperson wrote down the name of the color for me so I could remember!

So when I got this email and the Mint Mojito was on sale I knew it was meant to be!!!  I ordered her online and she should be arriving soon!

Perfect Spring bag for the rotation!

Welcome Mint Mojito!

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Pretty In Pink!

PINK Mansur Gavriel

PINK Mansur Gavriel

Oh my!!!!

Oh MY!!!!!!!!

Today was BF Press Day.  (Ok, I had no clue what that was before today!)(beauty fashion…LOL)

Mansur Gavriel previewed their new bags.

New colors.


Now, I know there is no way I could get one of these bags.  Even though I scream a little every time I look at the picture.

That pink would not wear well, and I’m pretty good to my bags.

I’d have to keep it in a glass case!!

OMG but they are so pretty!!!

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Bad Customer Service / No Service

Yesterday I wrote about our Excellent customer service.

Luckily, the bad customer service list is a lot shorter!

1.  Grocery Store.  UGH!  Everyone in the store is excellent until you get up front to the checkout.  Every week the bagger leaves his post no matter what time we get to the line.  This past weekend I went to a different store!  Take that bad customer service!

2.  USPS.  Too many to count wrong deliveries.

3.  Fedex.  Overnight delivery missed.  Received box the next day.  Fail !

4.  Snowblower.  Belt falls off during blizzards.  Boo!

No service……

These are the people we couldn’t get any service from!

1.  Primary Landscaping Company that does our lawn service monthly Spring, Summer and Fall.  They wouldn’t come out and help with snow removal when our snow blower broke.

2.  Handyman that does our windows and gutters wouldn’t make time to plow us out either.


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Excellent Customer Service!

This Winter we had some excellent customer service,  bad customer service and lack of service.

I’m going to start with the places and people that provided excellent customer service!!!!

1.  Hair Salon.  I took my Mom to my new hair salon.  She had an excellent experience (the owner did her hair) and she even received a new client discount!!

2.  Oil Company.  We had five feet of snow and they still delivered on time!

3.  Tanning Salon.  Wonderful place and staff.  I only visit for one month a year but they still know my voice on the phone!

4.  Roof Snow Removal.  They removed five feet of snow drifts from our roof.  Quick and professional service!

5.  Yard Snow Removal.  These guys were awesome.  We had nine truckloads of snow removed from our front yard.  They showed up when they said they would and were hard working and professional.

6.  Mailorder prescription service.  My Mom had me add this one.  Live customer service person on the phone and from the USA.

7.  Housecleaner.  OMG can’t say enough good things.  These ladies are a godsend!

8.  Catholic Priest.  Delivered Communion to my Mom this Winter when we wouldn’t let her out in the ice and snow with her new hip.

9.  Kate Spade.  Wonderful in store experience!  LOVE!

10.  Pizza Delivery.  At work during snow days with five feet of snow on the ground these guys were excellent!

11.  Garage tire replacement.  Same day service under thirty minutes.

12.  Roofing Company.  Roof is four years old and withstood recording breaking snow this winter!

It’s good to know that there is LOTS of excellent customer service out there!

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Shut Up And Dance

This song makes me smile every time I hear it!!

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Mansur Gavriel Tote

This tote was so hard to find!

More than six months ago I saw the black tote with the red interior.  It was pretty!  Did a little research and found the website and saw that the black tote also came with a marina blue interior.  I was in LOVE!!!!!

mansur gavriel black and marina

mansur gavriel black and marina

So, for six months I’ve been looking for this tote.  They were sold out.  Not available.

Last weekend an online store had the black/red combo available.  I almost ordered it, but stopped myself because I really wanted the blue combo!

Then this week the website was going to be restocked.  During the middle of the day, so there was no way I could buy online knowing they sell out quickly. (they did sell out in under an hour)

Wednesday night on Instagram I saw a post by a store that carries MG bags.  Their stock of bags had come in and after the pre-orders were filled they had a limited supply for sale.  So I called California and they had the bag I wanted!!

COC California

COC California

The customer service at Creatures of Comfort is OUTSTANDING!!!  They texted me photos of the bag and packaged it up to be sent out Thursday for Fedex overnight delivery!  (and they included a very nice note!)

I waited all day and night on Friday for the bag to show up.  It didn’t.  Booooo FedEx.  (post from yesterday)

Well on Saturday morning when I woke up the FedEx tracking said my bag had finally arrived in Boston.  Yay!  I called Customer Service and was told Friday delivery is not the same as weekend delivery.  I politely asked to speak to a supervisor and let them know that delivery was missed on Friday and could they please deliver the bag on Saturday.

The supervisor called the sorting facility, the sorting facility called me to let me know the box was on a truck and that I would have it before end of day!  On a Saturday!!  : )

See!  Squeaky wheel gets the oil.  OR squeaky wheel gets the tote she’s been waiting on for six months!!


Mansur Gavriel Tote Happy Girl Happy Bag

Mansur Gavriel Tote
Happy Girl Happy Bag

LOVE the interior color!!!!!

mansure gavriel interior

mansure gavriel interior

I LOVE this tote!!!!

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What’s In The Box?

Customer Service these days is really horrible!

Fedex!  I am not happy with you!

I was waiting for a delivery.  The box was supposed to arrive on Friday and they said it would be here by 8pm.  Yay!!

Well, guess what?!  Fedex never showed up.  : (

Tracking shows that the box is in Memphis.

Memphis!!!!!!  WTH is my box doing in Memphis?!

Fedex Standard Overnight.  Doesn’t that mean the box arrives OVERNIGHT??!!!

I called Fedex and actually got a live person.  I was told a few things:  the box is in Memphis, the snow (all one inch of it) caused a delay, no they won’t deliver it on Saturday and hopefully I’ll get my delivery on Monday.

The customer service person asked:  Do you mind if I ask what’s in the box?


If the box was full of old newspapers it should’ve arrived as promised!!!

It doesn’t matter what’s in the box.

What matters is Fedex’s horrible customer service!!!!

Just bring me my package!!!!!

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