Be My Valentine

Only sent one Valentine this year!

To my Jedi friend Obiwan!  : )

star wars valentine

star wars valentine

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Less Than Two Months!

LT happy place

LT happy place

This past weekend I visited my happy place!

The travel agent!

I still use a travel agent for most of my trips.

Call me old fashioned.

But, I like to know that if something goes wrong I can call people I know and they will take care of me.

Less than two months until I am off to tropical paradise!!!

It will be my third visit to Riu Palace Jamaica !

Adults only!  All inclusive!

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Grey’s Anatomy Returns Tonight

It feels like forever since we last saw a new episode!

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U2 Subscription Package

u2 subscription package

u2 subscription package

Last week it was that time of year to renew my U2 subscription package!!

Hoping that there could be tour dates sometimes in 2016 I renewed.

I got an email letting me know if I renewed same day it was $40 instead of $50! Thank you!


Celebrating the striking visual iconography of the U2ieTour, a limited edition collection of high quality serigraphs commissioned by the band.

Developed by U2’s longtime creative collaborators musician Gavin Friday and art-director Shaughn McGrath, each of these beautiful silkscreen prints is produced on premium and sustainable recycled paper stock and measures 60 x 45cm. This one-off collection including band, live performance and on-screen imagery, will not be on sale online or in store. Delivered in robust cylindrical packaging, with dispatch this Spring.

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Snowy Monday

Feb 2, 2016 snow

Feb 8, 2016 snow

That’s right.

More snow.

On a Monday.

The word blizzard was being thrown around too!

At least work closed at 1:00 and they sent us home early!

In my area, only myself and the woman behind me came in anyway.

The woman next to me her boss had called her and asked her to stay home.  Now that is a GREAT boss!!

The ride home was horrible!

I’m in the 10 inch zone!


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Kate Spade Scallop Bags 2016

Oh no!!!!

I’m trying to be on a spending freeze!

Not buying handbags!


Look at these Kate Spade pretties!!!

For now this Kate Spade Lily Avenue Bennett is only sold in Japan.


Kate spade lily avenue bennett

Kate spade lily avenue bennett

This version with smaller scallops is too cute!!!

kate spade cape drive margy

kate spade cape drive margy

Hopefully I can resist these!!!

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Ten Inches Of Snow

On Friday we got ten inches of snow.

Snow February 5, 2016

Snow February 5, 2016

After five feet of snow last winter ten inches should be easy!  HA!

I woke up at 5am and it was still raining, but an hour later huge snow flakes were falling!

The timing meant that the morning commute would get ugly.  Schools cancelled the night before.  (while it was raining!! LOL)

It snowed all day.  My ride home from work was white knuckled and the roads really weren’t that good.

It was heavy wet snow so lots of tree branches were down all over the place and power was off in some areas.

Waking up Saturday morning it was a winter wonderland!  The snow looked so pretty!!!  Almost like the trees and lawns were covered with marshmallow fluff!

A few hours of sunshine and the snow started to fall off the trees and wires.

No fear though!!  More snow early in the week!

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