Tanning and Hair


Vacation is less than a month away!!

I started to pre-tan!!!!

It’s my happy place!


I also got my hair cut and colored.

It’s the last appointment before my vacation!!

I’ve already booked my keratin treatment for six weeks from now!  : )

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Happy Birthday DLT!

Happy Birthday DLT!!!


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U2 Add Omaha And Mohegan Sun

U2 NE and CT

In a VERY surprising move U2 added two more dates to their Experience + Innocence tour.

They added Omaha, NE and Mohegan Sun Casino in CT.


The venue in CT holds maybe 10,000 people.  I saw Shania Twain there 15+ years ago with my brother Rob!

Tickets went on sale to the general public on Friday 3/9/18 and are still available.

How is that possible that the tickets didn’t sell out IMMEDIATELY?????!

It’s only about two hours away to CT.  But, it’s on July 3 and just imagine what the traffic will be like.  My pita brother said he would drive there and back the same night.  But, I’ve got two Boston shows and I’m happy with that!

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Spring Ahead!

spring ahead

We Spring ahead tonight!!

Bring on Spring please!!!

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The Channel


There was a time when I was young and knew how to have fun without worrying!

A band we worked with in the late eighties played at a variety of locations,

The Winery, The Channel, TT The Bears, The Rat and The Ranch House to name a few.

We would drive into Boston at 9:00 at night to go hear these guys play!  (Now I am headed to bed at 9pm and don’t even like to drive into Boston!!)

Some of the funnest times were on these nights!!

I was tagged on Facebook recently on an article about the Channel.

Sadly it closed in 1991 and was torn down.

The Wikipedia page for the Channel lists all the amazing bands that once played there back in the day!

Thank you Facebook for the trip down memory lane!

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Power Outage!


There was a massive Nor’easter that crushed New England a week ago today!

Luckily it was rain and not snow!

On Friday March 2 my work let us out early.  It was raining and I was surprised.  But the wind was gusting to about 45 mph and the tides were super high.  The drive home was worse than driving in the snow because there was so much debris being blown around and roads closed because trees and power lines were down.

I got home and watched some news and it was scary.  Then I decided to take a nap!

While we were having supper around 5:30pm the power went out.  Luckily the heat had been on 72 so it was nice and warm.  We had plenty of flashlights and candles.

The power was out the entire weekend.  Fifty one hours.  (Friday March 2 at 5:30pm to Sunday March 4 at 9:30pm)

I know compared to what happens after Hurricanes down south and in the tropics it isn’t that bad.

BUT……….this is the longest power outage I have ever been through in my entire life!!!  I was here for the Blizzard of 78 and we never lost power.  A few winters back we had 5 feet of snow and never lost power.

It’s crazy what we take for granted.  Every time I went into a room I went to turn on the light and had to correct myself.

We couldn’t do laundry all weekend.

No heat.  Luckily the house only went down to 59/60 degrees.

We do have gas hot water so we could wash dishes and shower.

Gas stove meant we could cook on top!!

What’s strange is that we don’t live close to the water where all the destruction was and where most of the power outages were.

The power outage in our area was caused by a branch that took down a huge wire.  Driving by on Saturday we could see it.  But it was not “assigned” to be repaired until Sunday night at 11:45.  ORIGINALLY it was set to be restored on March 6, so we were VERY LUCKY!!!

The photo above is from Sunday March 4 around 6:30pm as they worked to restore power!!!  I was so happy to see a crew there!

On Friday and Saturday nights it was so dark that I could see the street lights in a neighborhood that had power!  It was one small circle of streets affected.

Restaurants, stores and gas stations were still open.  So we could get gas, charge our phones in the cars and warm up!

There was a Kate Spade sale going on during the weekend and I wasn’t sure we would get power back before it ended so I shopped online on my phone!  : )

People were very happy on Sunday night when the power finally came back on!

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Have You Been Bullied?

Going through school I always had a small group of close friends.

I felt very lucky to have them in my life.

When I hear on the news how kids are getting bullied I always think that it’s the girls, because they are the WORST!

Gratefully I grew up before the internet age where bullies could hide behind computers.

Ok, so to why I think girls are the bigger bullies than boys.

Back in the day I was invited to a girls  birthday pool party.

I didn’t want to go.  It was all the girls in the class and I wasn’t friends with all of them.

My Mom made me go.

So, I listened to her and I went.

I rode my bike to the party and left it with all the other bikes.

It was only a few blocks away.

I don’t remember much about the party or anything bad happening.

When it was time to go I got on my bike to ride it home.

Both tires were flat.

They were fine on the way there and both flat four or so hours later.

They weren’t slashed (luckily), just all the air let out of them.

Some little b*tch let the air out of my tires!!!!!


I don’t know why or what I did to bring that on.

But I do know that kids can be cruel.

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