Snow Day Worries!


On Thursday January 4, 2018 we got pummeled by a blizzard. Sixteen inches of snow. Hurricane force winds. Crazy high tides.

Earlier in the week the news was saying the storm would miss us. Maybe.


Then it got quickly upgraded to a snowstorm.

You know it’s bad when work cancels for the next day before it even starts snowing!!!

(I was grateful for that!)

The storm started off slow with flurries. I went outside a few times to make sure we could open the front and back doors and shoveled the walkway.

All of a sudden a few hours later there was a foot of snow. Howling winds.

So VERY grateful that we didn’t lose power.

I was worried pipes would freeze or we would run out of oil. Our awesome oil company delivered the next day to fill us up and we would’ve been okay another week at least.

Watching the news during the day was HORRIBLE. So many homes along the coast were damaged by the epic high tides from the storm and the full moon. Water rushed across streets and into homes stranding people. In my town firefighters carried people out of their homes. : (

At work the next day some people were surprised by how much snow we had. People that lived further south had mainly rain and only had five or six inches of snow. Crazy!

Did I mention how much we love our oil company?!!!

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Goodbye Christmas 2017!


This weekend we put away Christmas. (We keep the tree up until Little Christmas)

The outside decorations came in before we got 16″ of snow, but we still had Christmas full blown inside!

It’s always sad taking down the tree. (yes, even as an adult)

But we’ll be finding pine needles for the next few days. LOL!

Thank you Christmas 2018! You were a beautiful one!

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Three Months Until Jamaica!

Three months from today I’m headed to Jamaica!!

Countdown is on!


infinity pool

All my favorite people are there!!

keg and audley

It really is a VERY HAPPY place!!!

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Bono On The Cover Of Rolling Stone!

bono rs cover

Looking good Bono!!!!!

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Indecent Proposal

Watched this over vacation.

It’s from 1993.

Demi Moore was stunning in this movie.

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Happy New Year 2018!


Cheers to a New Year!!!!!

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Goodbye to 2017!

Good night and good bye to 2017.


Bring on 2018 !!!

Happy New Years Eve!

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