Favorite Palace People!

I LOVE so many people at the Riu Palace!

They are so kind and loving!!!!!

These are some of my favorites!!!

All of them have been there the same five years as me!  : )

Audley.  He is royalty.  Takes care of me for breakfast and lunch every day!  Always working hard and singing!  : )

keg and audley

keg and audley

Racquel !  Love her!  Beautiful and hard working!


Richard!  What a sweetie!  I love to see how well he has done in his promotion!

keg and richard

Miguel !  He is always smiling while he works and always has time for a hug!

keg and miguel

Porty!  He is the king of all things pasta!  He’s awesome!

keg and porty

Tasha took care of me at dinner in the buffet each night I ate there!  She is so hardworking!  On my last night she decorated the table with flowers!

keg and tasha

Jemar!  He is so young and so happy!!!!  Such a hard worker and I can see how he gets better with every visit!

keg and jemar

All of these peoples look out for me the week I am there!

It makes me feel so happy!

I love each and every one of them!!

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