It’s Fine To Say No!!

Why do we have such a hard time saying:  No or No Thank you.

It should be easy right.

It’s a little word or two words.

Someone invites you to something you have no interest in attending.

I would like to be able to just say:  No.  No Thank You.

But I feel as though I need to offer an excuse too.


Why do I need to validate why I said no?

I never want to hurt someone’s feelings.

But there are LOTS of times when I just prefer not to do things.

Also lots of times I don’t want to spend money.

Maybe I don’t want to drive an hour there and back, knowing I will be unhappy.

Maybe I don’t want to take a day off and spend it with people I see once every five years.

I like to use my time for ME!!!!

Ugh just reading this it sounds like I am horrible.

But, at my age I am all about the:  No thank you.

(no explanation needed!!!!!)

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