Social Media

What did we do before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?!

I can tell you this… there was a lot less time being wasted!

Is that true though?

I remember chat rooms and spending time in there before sleep each night!

Ok back to the subject of social media.

I need to be better at not looking at my phone.

At home if I am outside, watching tv, reading or eating the phone is upstairs on my nightstand.

So why is it that when I am on vacation the phone is with me at those same times??

I blame Apple.  The camera in my iPhone takes some great photos.  So I’m using my phone as a camera and while its out “just checking this site or that site”.

NO!  Take the photos and put the phone away.

In the morning my alarm is set on the iPhone.  So when I shut the alarm off what do I do???????  Check social media.

NO!!  Get up, take a shower, get ready for work and GO!!!

What would happen if I didn’t peek at Facebook?  Would the world end?  NO!

If I missed some Instagram posts or stories??!  Would that be horrible?  NO of course not!

Must make an effort to be better with social media time management!!!

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