Last Baby Robin Update 2017

empty nest

The baby robins have left the nest!

Last weekend the nest was getting full with three babies.

Momma robin stopped spending the night on Sunday 5/21/17.

Monday night 5/22/17 the baby robins were all snuggled together in the dark when I peeked in on them.

Tuesday morning (5/23/17) as I was getting ready for work I could hear a lot of bird activity and the little noises the baby robins make when they let their Momma know where they are so they can still be fed.

I saw one of the baby birds getting fed on the front lawn.

When I finally got outside all three babies had flown away!  (or as far as the could move because they are still learning to fly)

I hope I get to see Momma bird feeding them around the yard over the holiday weekend!

Good luck baby birds!

I have enjoyed watching you grow this year!

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