Baby Robin Progress 2017

These guys are growing so fast!

This photo was taken on Monday 5/15/17.  They were just all fuzzy and slept a lot!

Baby robins may 15

Momma Robin must be feeding these guys some serious bugs!

These photos were taken on May 19th!  Look how big they got in just four days!!  Good thing there are only three, they are running out of space!

baby robins May 19

Are you here to feed us?

baby robins may 19

Feed me!

baby robins may 19

On Thursday 5/18/17 it was 96 degrees here.  Crazy.  Over Mother’s Day weekend it had been damp and chilly in the 40’s and we still had the heat on.

On the 96 degree day Momma Robin had her mouth open almost like she was panting.  She was sitting on the edge of the nest.  I had some cold water in a water bottle and gently poured some over her.  She didn’t even fly away and drank some as it rolled down her head and onto the little babies.

I hope she knows I was trying to help her stay cool while she kept watch over the baby robins!!

Love watching these guys!

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