Some Of My Favorite People In Jamaica!

natalie and keg

keg and natalie

I love this girl.  I met Natalie four years ago and we keep in touch on Facebook!  She is so kind and takes wonderful care of me!  Her Birthday is 4/15 and she was looking forward to celebrating with her friends on the day I was leaving!

She even complimented me on my dress and sparkly shoes! (I packed a dress for dinner one night!)

richard and keg

keg and richard

I met Richard four years ago too!  This year when I returned he had been promoted to assistant manager!  I could tell right away because they wear different colors!  I felt like a proud Mom and was so happy for him!!!

His days are longer now, but he still seems just as kind and happy!  He oversees one of the specialty restaurants but he made time each night to come visit while I was having dinner!!

(My sparkly palm tree top made it’s second appearance in Jamaica!!)

audley and keg

keg and audley

keg and audley

Audley!  Audley is so sweet!  I love him and miss him when I am not in Jamaica!  He is always quick with a smile and so happy all the time!  He sings while he works and you can tell he loves his job!!!

The first day I saw him I got a huge hug and couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day!!

Every day he had my juice and ice water waiting for me!  He also always had a table waiting in his section for me and always a smile!

I love the last photo above.  Richard took it for me and it isn’t posed.  We were getting ready to take pictures and it shows how happy I was to be in Montego Bay with such wonderful and kind people!!!

I hope I get to return next year to the Riu Palace Jamaica!

(It would be my fifth visit!!)

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