Boston To Montego Bay!

On Saturday April 8, 2017 I flew from Boston to Montego Bay for a week!

My flight was a little later than last year which meant I could sleep until 6:30am and I was picked up around 7:30am for my flight!

keg passport

The TSA person was super nice!  She noticed my last name and asked if I was related to anyone that worked for TSA in Boston.  I joked and said if I was would I get through quicker?  LOL!  But she did say the person was very nice.  I said it had to be the last name!

boston to jamaica

The flight was delayed leaving Boston.  I had never been on a delayed JetBlue flight before and since the weather was fine I was a little surprised!

Once we got on the plane I think they were able to make up some of the time in the sky!

I am stressed right up until the moment the plane is in the air and then it all melts away and I know that VACATION is close!!!

blues from above

I love all the blues as we get closer to Jamaica!

just a little further

I love that JetBlue has lots of entertainment and a map so I can see the progress of the flight!!!

Next will be arriving in Montego Bay!

: )

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