Air Travel Is Horrible!!

So, I have a lot of happy posts coming to share vacation photos!!!

But, I thought I’d get the ugly post out of the way.

Air travel /flying sucks!

Yes, I know it’s the only way to get anywhere, but it really does stink.

It’s like they take all your dignity away for the duration of any time in an airport or on a plane.  Oh and charge you a lot of money at the same time!

I LOVE JetBlue.  Always have and always will I hope.

This time flying out of Boston to Jamaica I was met with DO IT YOURSELF KIOSKS.



YOU SAY:  With our new kiosks, you can easily print, tag & check your own bags, … let you check in and print bag tags easily, eliminating the need for a full-service desk.


I was not impressed!!!

My flight was delayed Boston to Jamaica AND on the way home Jamaica to Boston.  Why were both flights delayed?  They said it was because of all the planes in Jamaica, but none of the other Boston bound airlines were delayed on return.

I have to say the flight from Boston to Jamaica was nice.  There was an empty seat next to me, and my luggage was waiting for me once I got through Jamaica customs.

The line to get through Jamaica customs was longer this year, but still went smoothly.

The return trip was a little worse.  It took almost an hour to get from check-in where I dropped my luggage to the gate.,  Leaving Jamaica was very, very busy.

I must remember next time to use Club Mobay.  Oh I did try to buy a spot when I was in the airport but the girls were sitting there letting everyone know they were sold out.  Why not put up a sign then???!!!

At my gate I find out about the delay.  OK.  Twice in one week JetBlue?  Really???

Finally they announce the flight is boarding.  YAY!

I have extra legroom so I’m boarding almost first.


Just like last year I am pulled out of line for a SPECIAL SECURITY CHECK.


Is it because I’ve visited multiple times?  Why is my name selected two years in a row?????

The woman doing the check was NOT NICE AT ALL. (i know she was just doing her job but…….)

She went through my tote bag, my purse, and opened my wallet and went through every compartment.


So, I’m going through my purse making sure everything is there and she says:  You must pay attention as I go through your carryon.

I want to say:  WTF why???!!

But, because I want to be on the flight I try to pay attention as she rifles through my personal belongings.

I had a purse in a drawstring bag to protect it and a rolled up shirt inside it to keep the shape.  I think she really thought she found something!!  She had almost an evil glint in her eye as she unzipped the purse to find………….not ten pounds of drugs is what I think she was looking for but instead just my shirt………..HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I can get on the plane and to my seat!!


I am supposed to be in row 4 window seat.

So of course middle seat and aisle seat are full.

I politely say:  Hi, I’m the window.  Fully expecting that they would move so I could get to my seat.

WRONG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The woman in the middle seat says:  You can’t sit here.

(I almost lose it here)

She then explains that her elderly father got injured on vacation and came on the plane in a wheel chair.

Ok, if that is the case, why didn’t JetBlue seat them where someone else wouldn’t have to get into the row??????????????????????!!!!!

Keep in mind I am in the aisle at the front of the plane with others waiting to board behind me.

I let the flight attendant know that they won’t let me get to my seat.

The flight attendant doesn’t move.

I count to TEN and repeat that they won’t let me get to my seat.

(I am getting closer to losing it!!!)

They tell me they won’t know if there is another available seat until wifi comes on and they can check.


Middle seat woman tells me I can have one of her sisters seats.  WHAT???

I paid for an extra legroom seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Where would the sister sit??

Finally after everyone else is on the plane, there is an empty window seat in the extra legroom section.


The flight home was smooth and by the time I made it through US Customs my bag was ready for me.

I couldn’t get out of the airport fast enough!!!!!

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