Phone Scam

Phone scammers make me so angry!

They prey on honest hardworking people.

Many different scams are on the news all the time.

But every once in awhile you hear about people actually getting scammed.

The horrible part of this story is that the scammer called back AGAIN to get more information from her.  : (

This news story is from the next town over:

HINGHAM – A 79-year-old Hingham woman was the victim of a recent phone scam where she gave up her credit and debit card numbers and social security number under the guise of having someone fix a virus on her computer, police said.

The scam, commonly known by police as the Microsoft Computer Repair Scam, involves a caller saying they are a Microsoft employee who can remotely fix viruses on computers.

The woman did not have any money taken from her, but now has a high risk of being an identity fraud victim, police said.

When she first received a call from the scammer the woman gave the man her computer password and credit card number to remote access her computer to fix a virus.

“The next day, the man called back and said her credit card company refused to process the charge and asked for her debit card number. She gave him the number,” a statement from Hingham police reads.

Two days later the man called back from a different phone number and asked for her checking account and social security numbers, which she provided, police said.

The victim eventually realized she was being scammed and contacted a family member, who helped cancel her accounts.

She was also told by police to also contact the Social Security Office and IRS to flag her information.

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