New iPhone 7 Plus !

iPhone 7 Plus

Back in the Fall when the twins updated to the iPhone 6S Plus I was a little jealous!  But, at the time there wasn’t anything wrong with my iPhone 5.

Lately my phone has been very slow and the battery life was horrible!  I got it in 2012 and I can say it’s had a good life and I got lots of good use out of it!

But it was time for change.

Change.  We all know how well I deal with change.  HA!  LOL!

It was pretty easy to upgrade and went very smoothly at AT&T earlier in the week.

I made sure to get a protective Otterbox case too.  They had Kate Spade cases,  but they don’t offer any protection, but are very pretty!

The iPhone 7 Plus is huge compared to the iPhone5.

It is an amazing difference!!!

So far so good and it’s only been a few days!

The best part is that my phone bill will actually go DOWN!!

So these new phones are way more expensive than they were in 2012.  You can pay for them outright or you can pay installments each month right on your bill.

It’s dumb of me, but for so long I held on to the original AT&T Unlimited.  Ugh!

No more!

I’m on the NEW Unlimited!  LOL!

Somehow even with the new phone my payments each month will be LESS!


I can’t wait to play more with the camera!

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