Disney World 1994

It’s been more than TWENTY years since I visited Disney World !!

How is that possible??!!

I got to go because my friend had the trip planned but her fiancé couldn’t go!!  Not a good sign that things were going to go well for their marriage….and they didn’t.


keg and Happy

Here I am with Happy!  One of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs!  Who looks happier??!!  I think I do!  LOL!

I remember that plaid Mickey Mouse hat and I loved it so much!!!

Looking at this photo the thing that surprises me is that I traveled with jewelry.  It looks like I am wearing earrings, a necklace and a ring.  I NEVER do that now!

We tracked down Princess Jasmine from Aladdin!  I know I wasn’t drinking but it looks like I was in this photo!  LOL!

princess jasmine and keg

It must’ve been chilly at night in Orlando.  It was December of 1994.  This denim coat!!! It was AWESOME!!!  It had a cotton flannel lining that made it a little warmer.  There were inside pockets that I remember putting beer cans into on many occasions!

minnie mouse and keg

Here I am with Minnie Mouse!  Luckily at the time we didn’t have to track Minnie or Mickey down.  They had their own spot where they made appearances!

I’m surprised looking at these photos.  How did we do it with film without taking multiple pictures?!

Wish I could get all my old film photos online!

Disney World really is the happiest place on earth.

I have fond memories of my last trip there.  Glad I pulled out my album to peek at!!

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3 Responses to Disney World 1994

  1. Chelby10 says:

    Its funny seeing the old style Minnie (i.e. the kind that don’t blink!) This is how I first experienced Disney back in 96’…Loved it then, Love it now.

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