Beauty And The Beast

I LOVED the animated/original Beauty And The Beast movie that was released in 1991!

So when I went to Disney World in 1994 I was VERY excited to meet the Beast and see the little stage show they had too!!

keg and beast2

keg and Beast


A live action version of Beauty And The Beast was released this past weekend and I can’t wait to see it !

I dug out my Disney World scrapbook to share my photos here!

I wish there was an easier way to get film photos online!  (Ok, maybe there is but I’m not that techie!  Plus I have thousands of photos in albums BEFORE the digital age)

This is the old school scrapbook page!

beauty and the beast scrapbook page

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2 Responses to Beauty And The Beast

  1. Abbie Lu says:

    Have you seen the live action yet? It’s phenomenal!

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