Dentist Visit

On Saturday I had a 12:15pm dentist appointment.

The appointment was made six months ago.

Two weeks ago they texted me a reminder.

The day before the appointment I received another text asking me to reply YES as another reminder.

Guess what happened at 12:15 on Saturday??!

I had to wait almost thirty minutes for my appointment to start.


Why bother sending out the reminders if you aren’t going to keep to the schedule???!!

This usually doesn’t bother me.

But, while I was waiting I saw a new noticed posted.

It talked about charging patients for broken appointments and talked about arriving in a timely manner for appointments.


It was my regular hygienist so I didn’t say anything.

I wanted to very badly, but somehow didn’t.

But, I can tell there are lots of changes going on at this office and my time there won’t be much longer.

Boooooooooooooo to bad change!

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