Billy’s Birthday!

Today was my brother Billy’s birthday!

Last weekend I ordered the cake and we had it tonight!

We will celebrate with Chinese food this weekend when all of us are off !

Earlier in the week I went through some REALLY old photos.

It’s sad really that today in the digital age a fraction of photos take actually get printed.

Luckily back when we were growing up my Mom and Dad both took lots of photos!

Here is what I know.

For fourteen months I was an only child.

My Mom tells me that when they brought Billy home from the hospital I said:  “Oh no Mr Gould.”  Maybe I wasn’t happy that I wasn’t an only child any more?!

But growing up that wasn’t true at all.  I was very grateful to have three brothers!

Even now as an adult I am lucky to be close to my brothers!

Looking at these photos I can’t help but giggle!

I was better with infants then!!  Look how happy I was to get a baby brother!

keg and newborn bg

keg and newborn bg

This photo is really the story of our life.  My Mom used to call us Bart and Lisa. (From the Simpsons)  Look how happy young Billy looks to try to pull my hair from his carriage!

bg baby carriage

bg baby carriage

Here it looks like we are both enjoying soggy bottoms!  LOL

bg and keg in the water

bg and keg in the water

This one looks like we have almost the same haircut! (My Mom made that dress for me!!!!!!)

keg and bg sitting

keg and bg sitting

We’ve been together a long time!

keg and bg back yard

keg and bg back yard

We even had matching Halloween costumes! (made by Mom)

keg and bg halloween

keg and bg halloween

This is Billy with his ‘Friend Bunny” that went everywhere with him and his Smokey the Bear!

bg with friend bunny

bg with friend bunny

Happy Birthday to my brother that made me an older sister!

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