How Do Travel Agents Make Money?

Last weekend when I got to my travel agent it was pretty busy.

I get it.  We have two feet of snow, people are getting their tax returns and they want to get out of town.

I brought a book with me so I didn’t mind waiting until my person was available to help me.

The other two agents were busy too!

I got to observe four different groups and how their vacation planning went. (none of them booked a trip!!!!!!!)

My first thoughts were that travel agents do a LOT of talking!!!!!  They also have a LOT of patience!!!

The first group I will call “old as dirt” based on the hat the husband was wearing.  I’m not sure where they were thinking about going because there was another more interesting couple making more noise.  Anyway, old as dirt spent about an hour with an agent and left without booking.

The second group I called the Honeymooners.  Based on the way they were acting I’m not even sure they are going to make it to their wedding day!!  They couldn’t agree on anything!  It was like they did ZERO research before going to the travel agent.  They were unsure of where they wanted to go, the future husband wasn’t sure of what days he had off from work!  WHAT???!  Their budget wouldn’t stretch to Greece or Hawaii.  The future wife wanted beach time.  I heard future husband say:  I don’t want to just sit on the beach for a week doing nothing.  WHAT?????  Oh my.  If you are going on your honeymoon and can’t think of something to do……………….  They left without booking and without deciding on a destination.

The third group I had high hopes for because they were talking Hawaii.  They were an older couple, and had done some research.  They talked about all the islands, talked about cruising to different islands and staying on one island for an extended stay.  I don’t know if they got sticker shock…….but they left after an hour without booking.

The fourth person came in as I was sitting there.  All agents were busy and I was next for my person.  The fourth person said:  What do we just take a number?  LOL LOL!  She was there to look into flights for April vacation for a group of about ten people.  She had looked online and was hoping that the travel agent had lower prices.  The round trip flights for April vacation were over $800.  YIKES.  The travel agent found flights for half that price, but the five hour flight was extended to almost eleven hours of travel time.  The fourth person left without booking.

That’s four different groups at an hour or more each that didn’t end up booking a trip?!

Do these people not know they can do research online and get prices?

How do travel agents make money when so many people don’t end up booking?!

When I sat down I had my passport, license and credit card ready to BOOK MY TRIP!

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