Why I Use A Travel Agent


I’m pretty old fashioned and don’t deal well with change.

I’ve been using the same travel agent for over twenty years.

Some people might say:  You can book your own trip online!

That is how I do research for a vacation!!  Check flight prices and look for deals.

But, when it comes to booking I like to have the comfort of talking to a person that I’ve known for years and will take care of me in case of emergency.

Once I took a cruise from hell and needed to get off the boat.  I flew home two days later with the help of my travel agent!

Another time I had booked travel to see U2 in San Francisco and Toronto.  The tour got delayed.  Trip insurance doesn’t cover Bono not being able to perform.  My travel agent knew that the dates would be rescheduled and that I would book the trips with her.  She was able to get me a refund on both trips. (there was a tiny, tiny, tiny fee)

Today I went to my travel agent and it was super busy!  I waited almost an hour for my person.  But, she was well worth the wait and helped me book my April vacation!


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