Patriots Win Super Bowl 51 !!!


What an amazing game!

The Patriots are a team that never give up!

They just keep trying their best to make plays and it shows!

In the second quarter of Super Bowl 51 the Patriots were behind by a score of 21 to 3!!!

When half time came around I thought:  Thank God for Lady Gaga!!!!   She had us all rocking out to her music.  She did an awesome job!!!

When the half time was over we continued to yell and cheer at that tv.

Fourth quarter the Patriots got their mojo and started their come back.  We tied up the game at 28 to 28.

The game went into Overtime.

The Patriots won the coin toss and were the first to score a touchdown!

Game OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patriots win!!!!!!


We were whooping for joy and there were a few tears too!

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL!!!!!


*****To all the whiners, haters and know it alls………… know what you can do!!

: )

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