Windows Scam

window scam

window scam

You know the phone call right?

Usually it comes in as unknown caller or no phone number.

But this time the call came in on my iPhone.


Game on!!!

The caller tells me that they have identified a problem with my computer.  My Windows computer operating system.

ME:  Oh no!!  What’s wrong with my computer?!

CALLER:  You need to be in front of your computer for me to help!

ME:  Ok.

Puts phone on speaker.

My brother:  Who is on the phone?!

ME:  There is something wrong with our computer!

My brother:  oh no!

Caller:  Are you in front of your computer yet?

ME:  It’s turning on right now.

La, la, la, la, la !

Caller:  is it on?

ME:  guess what?  it won’t turn on you are right there is something wrong with it!!!

Caller:  swears and hangs up on me.


: )

Hey scammer!  If you are going to call me I am going to waste your time!!!!

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