U2 Rumors Are Swirling!

Ever since U2’s Christmas announcement all kinds of rumors have been swirling around!

Here is how the inside of my brain sounds today!!!

2017 will be Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour.

How is it thirty years???!!

Stadiums.  Outside.  hmmmmm!  I’m old and may need covered seating to keep me out of the elements!

Will they play the whole album each night?  Rare songs?

The new album isn’t ready.  It is ready.  Is it ready?  What’s going on with the new album??!

Will we see Songs of Experience in 2017 or 2018?

When will U2 tour for Songs of Experience?

Will they bring that tour back inside or will they do stadiums ?

What cities will get the stadium tour?  When will U2 bring the Joshua Tree tour to Europe?

When will the tour announcement be?  Rumors say it will be Monday January 9, 2017.  Will it be Dublin time, east coast time or west coast time?  What time is the announcement???  Will it be on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?!?!?  Where will it be announced FIRST?!?!?!?!?!

Which shows and  in which cities will be announced?

When will tickets go on sale?

How do I get the best tickets to the city I want to go to?  Should I sign up for the fan club if i haven’t already?  (yes)  Should I renew?  (yes)

Stadiums people…….enough tickets for everyone!

Will I get a discount if I still have my original Joshua Tree ticket stub??!  : )

Where will U2 play when they come to New England?  Hopefully Gillette Stadium and NOT Fenway.  Fenway is not the place for a concert.  Doesn’t hold as many people as Gillette, so less people = less ticket sales right???  Ok, ok.  If U2 play at Fenway I will of course have to go!

Stadiums = chance of rain.  I remember going to Sullivan Stadium (now Gillette) wearing trash bags.  At least it will be warm weather!

I am getting too old to do festival shows so if U2 play a festival in 2017 no worries there about me going!  I did Slane Castle in 2001 and that was the last time for an all day and night event!

I’m excited for the announcement on Monday!

Dear U2, 2016 was a saving year for me so I have plenty of money to hand over to you! (LOL!!!!!!!!!!!)

Please plan accordingly and bring your Joshua Tree tour to some cities close to me and some cities I would like to visit.  Also, I would be delighted for a return to Honolulu!  Bonolulu!!  I haven’t been to London since seeing you there in 2009 so a return to Wembley Stadium in the summer of 2017 would also be lovely!

Whatever you decide is good with me.

I’ll be there…

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