What Am I Looking Forward To In 2017?!

No resolutions.

Maybe some goals!

Some dreams!

In 2017 I want my family to stay healthy!!

Tropical dreaming already started in December when it snowed!!

Hoping that I’ll be able to visit Maine with my family and enjoy lots of lobsters!

U2 have hinted at a new album and some tour news this year.  Fingers crossed that they announce their plans sooner than later so I can start dreaming and scheming!

More saving.

Less shopping!

When I say shopping I really mean handbags.  No handbag purchases in 2017!!  Must really make an effort!

I do a good job of using the bags I have and need to move my Christmas bags into the rotation!

There are some things that stress me out.  I really need no NOT let them!!!  I need to make an effort this year to let go of things that I shouldn’t be worrying or caring about.  People are going to do what they always do.   I need to smile, put in my earbuds and let it go!!!  Put in my time and do my job the best I can while I am there and ignore the ignorant and negative.  Leave it behind at the end of each day!  Fresh start/clean slate each morning!

Laugh more.  I need to laugh more.  Will start immediately!!!

Go to sleep thinking happy thoughts.  It really does help.  It makes falling asleep so much easier than worrying!

Be kind to myself!!!

Come on 2017.  Let’s do this!

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