How busy was today?!


It was pretty busy!

The weather people got it wrong…….AGAIN.

They said we would get about two inches of snow and then it would turn to rain.


We got about four inches of snow, then ice!

So I started off the morning wrapping Christmas presents for about four hours.  I put on some Christmas music and got into it!  Wrapping gets me in the Christmas spirit!!!

Finally it stopped snowing and was just turning over to rain.  The boys (bless them!) take care of the heavy snow removal.

I moved on to laundry!

Then around 6:00pm went grocery shopping with one of the twins.  It didn’t make sense to do it this morning in the snow/rain event!

Tonight I am tired and ready for sleep.

But, I got so much done today so it’ll be a good sleep!

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2 Responses to Saturday

  1. jaelach says:

    Dang, 4 hours of gift wrapping! I need to do that. I buy a bunch of stuff for my husband and then when I go to wrap them I decide which ones he gets for Christmas and which ones are for his birthday the next day, haha. We haven’t had a major snow event this season yet! (and I’m not complaining)

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