Unos Last Night

Went to Unos last night with the twins.

Haven’t been to an Unos for more than a year since they closed several locations.

There is still one in the next town, but I never think of going since it is right next to a giant and crowded mall.

We went since it’s the start of my Staycation.

We love the pizza skins so it was worth us going!

Everything was yummy!

Wish we could find the pizza skins for sale at the grocery store!

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2 Responses to Unos Last Night

  1. jaelach says:

    Our Unos all went out of business too. I was just telling my husband that I want to go to Chicago and have real deep dish pizza. I’ve never had it!

    • crush-monkey says:

      Have only been to Chicago once. (u2 related of course) but there was a huge line coming out of a restaurant and i was shocked to see it was an unos! LOL! But i think it was the original one!

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