Pita Scare

Billy's Angry Birds Notebook

Billy’s Angry Birds Notebook

Usually when my Brother Billy calls me on my cell phone during the day it’s something U2 related OR he is singing a song on the radio!

Last Friday when he called there was silence in the background and I thought it was a dropped call and I’d get another call back quickly of him singing.

But, instead he said “hey, I’m in the emergency room at SSH”

How horrible is it that I immediately thought something was wrong with my Mom? (Mom is fine!)

My pita brother hates doctors and hospitals and the thought that he drove himself to the hospital was scary!!

He was dizzy, vomiting and didn’t feel well at all.

They immediately gave him an ekg, mri and lots of other blood tests.

He was in the emergency for 6+ hours.

Diagnosis:  Vertigo

Scary.  He took it easy all weekend.

He has some of the best friends.  When one of them called the next day the care and concern was pretty clear.

Feel better BG!!!!

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One Response to Pita Scare

  1. jaelach says:

    Vertigo is the worst, ugh.

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