Getting Ready / Being On Time

Now that I am getting older it feels harder to get out the door on time.

Not sure if it’s from distractions or if I just take longer to get ready.

Sunday nights I try to prepare for the week.

I’m not a fashionista at all, but I try and plan what I’m going to wear each day.

I wash and dry my hair on Sunday night and on Wednesday night.  In the summer I let it air dry and now that the nights are cooler I’ve been blow drying.  There is no way I could blow dry in the morning now.  Not enough time!  I can’t believe when I was younger I used to wash my hair every day.  No way.

I pack my breakfast the night before.  Right.  Should be packing my lunch but I haven’t got into doing that yet.  Maybe some day.

I shouldn’t look at my iPhone in the morning before work, but I do.  That is a giant time waster.  Suddenly it’s time to leave and I’m not ready!!

I’m still on time for work, but with Winter almost here, I have to plan on leaving ten minutes earlier in case of frost, ice or snow!

I only have to get myself up and out in the morning!  Have no idea how people with children do it everyday!!

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