Halloween 2016

I love fall!

Halloween decorations too!

This pumpkin gets a new hair style every year!  The yellow mums were beautiful !

pumpkin mums

pumpkin mums

The Halloween shed!!

halloween shed

halloween shed

These small scarecrows are so cute!!

scarecrow family

scarecrow family

So, there is a story behind them.  Last year one of our neighbors a street over decorated their front step with a big bale of hay with a scarecrow family!  I jokingly said to my Mom that we should do it and with a ghost for Dad!

Fast forward to this year and we were in Maine and I bought these guys!  The ghost is for my Dad.  The two witches are me and Mom.  The fourth one is my pita brother.  The two pumpkin head scarecrows are my twin brothers!

I love them!!

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