Is this a sign of getting old?

I start to notice the prices of everything!!!

In Maine, we didn’t go to one of our favorite places (but found some new favorite places) because the prices there are 20-25% higher than other restaurants!

Last week price increases were everywhere.

The girl who does my hair overcharged me for my cut and color.  There was a small price increase, but she charged me a $16 difference.  I questioned her, and she called me later that day to let me know it was an error and I would be refunded my next visit.  I still love my new salon!

I got a new Jeep in February.  I just reached 3,000 miles and got my first oil change.  Note to self, wait for 5,000 miles.  The Jeep has synthetic oil.  The new oil change is TWICE as much as my old non synthetic oil car.

Healthcare insurance.  Open enrollment for healthcare coverage starts soon.  We just got the new rates.  Guess what?!  The rates have increased……


Wait.  When I went grocery shopping over the weekend the price of milk went down.  A gallon of milk was now under $2.00!  Wooohooooo!

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2 Responses to Inflation

  1. jaelach says:

    My free oil changes on my car ended, so now I have to pay for them. And yes, they are like $80 now! Crazy! Go to a Disney property and then when you return home everything will seem cheap by comparison, haha. My souvenir shopping has greatly decreased since we first started going. (Do you have Aldi up there? We do 90% of our grocery shopping there, milk is always under $2.)

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