Nordstrom Rack Opening Fail

I’ve been waiting a year for Nordstrom Rack to open in the next town.

nordstrom rack brain

nordstrom rack brain

K-Mart closed and immediately Nordstrom Rack started the process of converting part of the space.

It took a YEAR.

Who knows what the heck they were doing all that time!!!

The store opened Friday and I visited Saturday.

My first visit to a Nordstrom Rack………FAIL !!!

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was expecting more!!

The store wasn’t that big.  It was on the smaller side and not very neat.  It felt a little dirty too.

rack mess

rack mess

I was interested in bags and accessories and for some reason I thought there would be tons of selection.  Nope!

Tons of great deals???  NOPE!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the Kate Spade bags seemed like they may have been from Outlet or returns.  The prices weren’t great either.  KS just had a surprise sale with WAY better prices.

mess rack

mess rack

I left empty handed, disappointed and felt like I needed to go home and take a shower.

Will wait for some of they hype to die down I guess before my next visit, if I return at all.


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