U2 Turns Forty

good night phoenix night 2

good night phoenix night 2

U2 was created forty years ago today.

It was Larry Mullen Jr. that gets the credit.  He posted a note at his high school looking for other musicians to start a band.

The rest is history!!!

I don’t know how I can put into words how I feel about this band!

I’ve been a fan since 1983!!

I’ve been lucky to travel around the world to see my favorite band!!

Just last year I saw them eight times.  Twice in Phoenix, four times in Boston and twice in Ireland!

Before the internet I’ve lined up in person to buy tickets.  Have slept on the sidewalk in front of the Orpheum in Boston to buy tickets too!  I even called ticketmaster or whatever it was back in the day on a rotary phone!!  LOL!

I’ve met some pretty cool U2 fans over the years.  I always say that U2 fans are the nicest!

The music!  I’ve gone into Harvard Square for the midnight release back when they used to do that, before iTunes!

My iPod is full of U2 music that I listen to constantly.  My earbuds are in 90% of the time at work and that is 100% U2 music!

When a tour is announced, one of my friends teases me.  He says that the crazy U2 fan is about to be unleashed!  It’s true.  Once ticket sales are announced I plot and scheme what shows I want to go to and how I’m going to get tickets.  It’s all I can think about!!!!!!!  Then once the tickets are ordered the trip planning starts.  Research, research and more research!

The concerts are amazing!!!!  Every one is special to me!!  They fill me with so much happiness and hold me over through non tour times!!

So many of U2’s songs still give me chills.  EVERY TIME.  Bad, One, With Or Without You, Iris, Every Breaking Wave, Where The Streets Have No Name and so many more.

So thank you.  Thank you U2 for the music that keeps me happy, and for the journeys I’ve been able to take to see you!

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2 Responses to U2 Turns Forty

  1. Mohan Magic says:

    Hi Crushmonkey!

    I can only wish I had grown up listening to this amazing band like yourself. Although I haven’t, I have been able to relate many of their songs to different parts of my life both happy and sad and will always keep them in my top lost it all time greats. And as you’ve touched upon, they have remained close friends over the decades which I think is outstanding considering most bands separate or fallout and in the decades to come other bands will not only look to their mauical talents but also they’re ability to grow older and keep the dream alive.

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