Time For Change

We all know how much I love change right?!  HA!

Well, I had been going to the same dentist for YEARS.  We loved him.  Then it was time for him to retire and enjoy life.

So, he sold his practice to a new group.  They were ok for a while.  The hygienists were still wonderful.  But, then something changed……

A few years ago my brother had pain in his tooth, and one of the new dentists suggested he needed a crown.

WELL…………. he went to another dentist for a second opinion and it turned out he had an infection that needed to be treated FIRST!!

So, needless to say I had no confidence in that dentist, and if she was the only one available during my cleanings I would see someone else.

Earlier this year, back in February I went for my regular cleaning appointment.  I saw a dentist that I had confidence in and had never had a problem with before.

GUESS WHAT???  He told me I needed EIGHT crowns.  LOL!

Basically he wanted to do the whole top front of my mouth.

OH, and of course they had to be done at the same time to maintain the look.  LOL!!!!


So, I started thinking I needed to find a new dentist and quick.  I no longer have confidence in the dentist I see and I felt like he was selling dentistry.

Fast forward to this weekend when I went to my Mom’s periodontist!!!

Wow!!  What a difference!  She is so nice and so very honest!!!!!!!

She checked out my mouth and right away said:  ABSOLUTELY NOT to the eight crowns!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not a dentist but I knew that anyway, and knew the dentist just saw dollar signs in my mouth when he said I needed EIGHT crowns.  Duh!

This periodontist will be my new dentist for now on!!!

I am so happy and feel that I will have better care now.

Goodbye to my old money grubbing dentist!!!  Good luck getting your patients to sign up for eight unnecessary crowns!

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