Jeep vs Buick

Back in 2004 when I bought my Buick Century the sales person introduced me to the service department manager.

I remember thinking to myself, I hope I never have to see him (the service department manager) again!

Guess what?  NOT ONCE did I have to bring my Buick Century back to the dealer!!!

Fast forward to 2016.  At the end of February I bought my 2016 Jeep Cherokee Sport.  I loved it in the one snowstorm we had!  It’s been great not to have to worry about if it was going to strand me someplace like I started worrying about in the final year of my Buick.

Then about a week ago I got a recall notice in the mail for my Jeep.  REALLY????

My brother had received the same notice.  Something about the windshield wipers.

The Friday before the long weekend I turned on my Jeep with LESS THAN 3,000 miles and the backup camera screen along with the radio display screen was BLACK.  Imagine my displeasure at that!!!!!!!!  Dear Jeep……WTF??!!!!

Luckily we got out of work early on that Friday for the long weekend and after lunch I went to the dealership.

EVERYTHING on new cars is electronic and run by a computer.  My radio needed an update.  While I was there they took care of the recall too.  Turns out my car also needs another update, but will take more time so I will have to leave it there.


I am thinking to myself what a pain in the arse this is, especially since I never had to go back to the dealer with my car before this one.

While I’m getting ready to leave I see a young couple walking in the door.  Their jeep is being dropped off by a tow truck.

So at least things aren’t that bad here right?!


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2 Responses to Jeep vs Buick

  1. jaelach says:

    My husband drives a Chevy Cruze. You should see how many recalls he’s had on that thing!

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