iPhone 6S Plus!

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S Plus

Guess who got a new iPhone 6S Plus???!!

Not me! (although i do like the rose gold one!)

On Tuesday the twins got new iPhones!

They wanted the 6S Plus.  I checked and double checked with them to be sure that is what they wanted and it was.  They are very happy with them so far!

The 6S Plus is huge!!  It is like a mini iPad!

They had the iPhone5 from 2012, so it’s a big difference.

Joe’s iPhone5 started to have battery issues and Rob’s was ok, but was slow and had some volume problems.

We were in the store for an hour, got new Otterbox cases and they were good to go.

At first I thought I was going to get a new phone too! (we all got them at the same time in 2012)

But, the new iPhone7 announcement is coming in September, so I decided to wait.

Plus my phone is fine with no real issues.

Hope they will be happy with them!

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