Two Sun And Surf Visits

sns sign

sns sign

We had two great visits to the Sun and Surf on Long Sands!

Monday for dinner was excellent!  Our server was Adrian and he was wonderful !!!  It was his first summer in York Beach from Jamaica!  I didn’t take any photos Monday night, maybe because I was just relaxing and enjoying. I had lobster!  The boys had the fried clams and Mom had some kind of fish.  We all had the chowder which is delicious!

Tuesday for lunch Adrian came over and said hello to us.  He was working outside though so we didn’t have him again.  Our server for lunch was Blaine!  I was in heaven since Blaine is the name of one of the characters from Pretty In Pink!!!

Blaine was excellent too!  When he served our desserts he told us they were made with love!

sns brownie sunday

sns brownie sunday

Tuesday lunch was a repeat of Monday night.  Chowders, fried scallops this time for the twins, fish for Mom and lobster for me!  YUM!

keg sns lobster

keg sns lobster

The view here is beautiful !

Love Long Sands Beach!

long sands sns view

long sands sns view



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