One Visit To Foxs

We visited Fox’s once this trip for lunch.

mom and keg

mom and keg

While they will always be one of our favorites we have found some other places that also have great food at more reasonable prices!

I know the price is for the location at the Nubble Light and that VIEW can’t be beat!!

(also the horrible waitress …..Hannah…not related to owners like I thought last August…she is still there, and still horrible and miserable) (who wants to get her sour lazy face??  not me!)

Luckily the girl who took care of us was one of the BEST!!!  So the visit was great!

The chowder and the steamers are always excellent!

Mom had the lobster salad!

mom lobster salad

mom lobster salad

The twins had the half and half fried scallops and fried clams!

scallops and clams

scallops and clams

Yes!  I did have the lobster!

keg lobster

keg lobster

So, I know we are on vacation and I try not to worry about the cost of things….

BUT, the same lobster at other restaurants we visited was only $19.95!!  Is the view really worth a difference of $10.00?!

I didn’t think so, and for the rest of our stay we went to other places to eat.  At the other locations I made it a point to let the twins know the difference in cost for same great food and service.  The only thing that was missing was the lighthouse.  OH!  Did I mention that they laugh at me every time I take photos of the same view too?!?!


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