How Much Do I Heart U2?!

I Love U2.  I heart them!

I am a crazy, crazy fan!

Guess what?  I have never been to Las Vegas.

Nope.  Not yet…………..

It was announced this morning that U2 are headlining the Iheartradio music festival.


It’s true.  On Friday September 23rd in Las Vegas U2 will be headlining and playing with Billy Idol, One Republic and a list of other people I don’t know.

So, I went to the website to check this out.


u2 i heart radio

u2 i heart radio

I nearly fainted.

While I do HEART U2 very much, $815+ is just a bit much.  Maybe if it was just U2, and I got to sit next to Larry, that would be ok.


Seriously.  Bless those people that did buy tickets.  That is a lot of money.  I will continue to save my pennies for U2 and only U2.

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2 Responses to How Much Do I Heart U2?!

  1. jaelach says:

    My new thing is whenever I see something like that I’ll say, “That’s 2 nights (1 week, etc.) at the Grand Floridian!” which is Walt Disney World’s most expensive resort, haha. Yeah I’m not sure I would pay that for a regular U2 show, unless I got to make the setlist. 😀 That’s more than I bring home in 2 weeks!

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