Great Customer Service

I did a post about bad customer service, so I think that great customer service deserves equal time!

Last week I tried a new place for lunch.  It’s an Italian restaurant close to work.  I had only been there once before for take-out salads for me and my Mom.  Those were delish!

This time I tried their meatball sub.  Right away when I placed my order over the phone it was a good experience.  The person that took my order was polite and clear about what I was ordering.  When I got there to pick it up, she called me by my name a few times in conversation and complimented my handbag!  The sub was SO GOOD and it cost less than it would at my regular place!

Amazon.  WOW!  Amazon’s customer service is AWESOME.  We have Prime and get free two day shipping.  This summer with all the new book releases I am able to pre-order the books and get them the day they come out!!!  How awesome is that?!  Oh, and the other thing is…..if the price of the book comes down after I order, I get the lowest price!  This just happened last week.  I got an email from Amazon saying they were going to credit me almost $4.  Wahooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Our new pizza place.  We found a new location for Tuesday night pizza and so far so good.  It’s been more than a month and each time has been great service.  The people that work there are excellent!  Plus their pizzas are SO GOOD!

Some mornings I stop at DD for a bagel.  The people that work at the DD I go to are smiling at 645am.  I don’t know how they do it, but when they smile, I feel like smiling too!  Thank you DD people that get up so early and are happy!

UPS.  Our UPS guy visits our house at least twice a week.  We have known him for years.  He always asks for my Mom and my brothers.  He is a genuine and kind person.  I just heard that he is retiring in a few weeks.  We will miss him, but it is a well deserved retirement!!!

Ok, that’s it for now.

If I can think of any other great customer service experiences I will share!

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2 Responses to Great Customer Service

  1. jaelach says:

    I always notice great customer service whenever I’m traveling in the south. People there are so much more polite than the people are where I live. Even the young guy who worked at a Wendy’s we stopped at in Georgia called me m’am and all that. Never happens here. Met a lot of nice people in Ohio this past weekend. Except at a White Castle where we had to leave without even ordering because they were all concerned about going on their break than asking my husband and I if we needed help. We were just staring at them and they never even acknowledged our presence. Glad to know there are nice people with customer service skills where you are!

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