More Bad Customer Service

What is wrong with customer service these days?!

So many places these past few weeks are just HORRIBLE!!

I know there are lots of people working just as Summer help, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your job!!

A local bagel place I go to is HORRIBLE.  But, I keep going back because I like their  tuna bagels.

Even before the summer their service had a lot to be desired.  More than two people in line throws them off!  But now with summer help, nobody knows what they are doing!  One day there was no tuna made.  No problem I will wait.  What did I get for my reward of spending my money there?  **Big Sigh***

Hi, it’s 12:30pm, how are you out of tuna anyway?!  I SHOULD BE SIGHING, NOT YOU!!!

Another day the price of my bagel is different.  New girl charged me for tomatos and then argued about it.  I asked for a manager and got my money back for the tomatos which there is NO CHARGE for!!!

It’s my fault I guess for being a customer right?!

Today I asked for light mayo on one side of the bagel.

The reply:  we don’t have light mayo.

RIGHT!  I know.  I want mayo lightly spread on one side of the bagel.

I want to come back there and make my own bagel!!!!!

A local sub shop has the BEST meatball subs.  I haven’t been there in seven months because of the horrible customer service.  Last week I went back, I was craving a sub.  MISTAKE.  The person that answers your phone is representing you.  Make sure that person speaks clear English.  I hung up and called back, to get another person.  The prices have gone up and the service has gone down.  UGH!

We used to go to the same pizza place every Tuesday night.  One night we went and we didn’t know anyone working there.  That’s ok, it should be the same great service right?  WRONG!!!  They moved the manager to a different location and the place went downhill FAST!

We ordered french fries and my brother ordered a cheeseburger that also comes with fries.  We got the large order of fries, but none with his cheeseburger.  I politely pointed it out to the person behind the counter.  Their reply was:  oh there weren’t any with the burger?  Me:  no.  We got the fries to go.

We went back one more Tuesday night.  (we are fools)  I asked for cheese breadsticks, and even asked if they would be made fresh.  The answer was: yes of course.  Well, when the order was delivered to our table they were NOT fresh.  They had some hanging around and served me those.  MISTAKE.  It’s been more than a month and we haven’t returned to this location.

We have found a new location for the past month and have had excellent service!  : )

Ok, last one.  I was at a conveinent store grabbing a lemonade.  I walked in and said hello to the person working in the store, grabbed my lemonade and walked to pay for it.  One associate was on a personal phone call and the person I said hello to was in the aisle making the magazines neat.  What?!?!?!

I waited two minutes until asking politely:  can I please pay for my purchase?

I mean, WTH.  This is a convenience  store!  The cash register should always be occupied!

Wow.  That is a lot of bad customer service and a lot of complaining on my end.

I will need to do a post soon on great customer service!

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