U2 Playing In San Francisco October 2016

u2 dreamforce

u2 dreamforce

I have never heard of Dreamforce before this week.

But, doing a quick google search it looks like people were excited about this event well before U2 was even announced.

There is too much risk involved to even think about this event. (for me)

First off, last time I planned to see U2 in the Bay Area it was delayed for more than a year during the 360 tour.

Buying tickets to this three day event just to see U2 play would could be a shortened set wouldn’t be worth it….to me.  (ok, if money was no object, sure no problem I would be there!)

The cost is:  $1,799.   I believe the cost benefits a hospital in that area.

I would rather keep that money in my U2 fund and see them in a different city or country for more than one night!

Here is the info borrowed from AtU2:

U2 are slated to perform at Dreamforce, an annual conference taking place Oct. 4-7 in San Francisco. The website schedule lists the following for Oct. 5: “Dreamfest and UCSF Benefit featuring U2 and other special guests, at Cow Palace Arena.”

The annual Dreamforce conference, presented by Salesforce, brings together “thought leaders, industry pioneers” and others for four days. The list of keynote speakers includes Melinda Gates, Marc Benioff, (RED) CEO Deborah Dugan, Billie Jean King, Patricia Arquette and Tony Robbins. Salesforce sponsored the Innocence + Experience tour.

Tickets to all four days of the conference are $1,799 if you register early by Oct. 3. No other ticket options are available; you must pay for the entire conference to attend the concert.

****Here’s hoping that a lucky mega fan will share video live on the internet the night of the event!

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