2016 Work Cube

cube 2016

cube 2016

Here it is.

New cube, new location on the lower level Summer 2016.

Yes, I brought back the striped fabric I used to have on the lido deck.

Also, brought back my Kodak Gallery photo collages.

Some typical rude person said that I should bring in updated photos from recent trips.  I already HAVE these made from one of my favorite years of travel.  Hawaii twice and then London with my brother Rob!  So, rude person….if I wanted your opinion or even cared what you thought…I would ASK you!


This new area is so much quieter than the third floor.  There are moments when there is no noise at all.  It’s almost dare I say it…..peaceful !

It is VERY funny when people from the ivory tower come down to check out our new area, it’s obvious on their faces that they are in awe of our cubes with WALLS.   : )

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