Banished From The Ivory Tower, Again.

Oh my.

Three years ago my department moved back to the third floor. (the ivory tower)

Guess what?

We have been banished again.

Where our area sat was prime real estate and we have heard rumors of a move for the past few months.

Those rumors came true yesterday at 1pm.  We were told the IT department would come to help us move our computers and phones and they moved us all in under twenty minutes!  Amazing!

I have to say these three years on the third floor were NOT like the last time I was upstairs.

The people are different.  Younger.  More selfish and a little bit…..GROSS.

At least once a day I would go into the pantry to get water and find the fridge door not shut all the way.  WHO DOES THAT??!  Dirty dishes in the sink.  Check!  Lately I even found the microwave door just OPEN.  WHAT?????!!!  Paper towels on the floor in the restroom?  Yup.

The GROSSEST thing was just this year.  One of my co-workers came back and told us she had to email maintenance department.  WHY?  Someone had actually pooped on the bathroom floor.  OMG WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???!

The noise level on the third floor is horrible.  Crazy loud.  Hard to block out even with earbuds.

There are some things and people I will miss.  But the lower level where we moved to is SO quiet!

So here is a picture of my clean empty cube.  Bye bye short walls!

empty clean cube

empty clean cube

This is my new cube.  I will have to update once I’m completely moved in.

new cube

new cube

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