Last Baby Robin Update of 2016

At the end of last week the baby robins were ready to take flight.

The nest was getting very crowded and they were spreading their wings.

On Thursday June 2nd when I got home from work, one of the baby robins took flight.  He took off so fast I really couldn’t take a great photo!

On Friday there were three baby robins left!

three baby robins 6/3/16

three baby robins 6/3/16

Almost right after I took this photo all three of them took off!!!  Both mother and father robin were there to help them and kept feeding them while they were in the yard.

baby robin 2016

baby robin 2016

They can fly, but not just very well yet.  It’s cute to see them testing their wings!

baby robin fly 2016

baby robin fly 2016

I don’t know how the parents know, but they didn’t come back to the nest.  So they must know that all their babies were accounted for out in the yard!

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day.  All afternoon we could see the parent robins gathering food for the babies.  At one point we even saw one of the babies on the back fence!

Sunday was cloudy and rainy.  All the neighborhood birds were VERY happy with the water and I’m sure the worms and insects the rain kicked up!

Here’s hoping the baby robins stay safe!

We enjoyed having them back this year!

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