I’m A Loner. So What



I am a loner!

I love quiet time and alone time.

Sitting reading a book in the sun for hours is my idea of fun.

Attending any kind of event (except a U2 concert) makes me very unhappy.

I am grateful for my Mom and brothers.  I love them.  They know how I am and know I prefer alone time.

Some people don’t get it.  That’s their problem.

I wear my earbuds at work to avoid useless conversations.  If it’s work related, PLEASE feel free to train me, develop me or teach me something new.  (That never happens, and I am laughing just typing that!)  But if you want to talk about your dogs, the weather or anything else?  STEP AWAY!

I avoid social situations at all costs.

To say that people disappoint me is an understatement.  I am done.  I used to be the person that would give 110% and get back 40%.  Now I give zero.  It’s such a relief!!!

I no longer put myself in the position to be disappointed.

Loner = happy!!!

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