What Would You Do?

What would you do?

Earlier in the week I went out to lunch to McDonald’s.

Going through the drive thru I noticed a car parked across three spots.  There was a woman in the car and she was holding her head in her hands.

When I came out the other side with my lunch she was still sitting there, head in hands.

I ate my lunch wondering what to do.  Nothing?  Check to see if she was ok?

If she was still there I couldn’t drive by without checking.

Part of me hoped that she was gone, so that I wouldn’t have to get involved.

But, what if she needed help?

Well, she was still there.  Head still in hands.  This is now thirty minutes later.

It’s pouring rain.

I didn’t want to park my new jeep near her in case she was under the influence.  So I grabbed my umbrella and walked over to her window and knocked.

I asked if she was okay, if she needed me to call anyone for her or if she needed money for lunch.

She looked so very sad.

When she looked up she told me softly that she was having a bad day.

I didn’t know what to say except:  I hope your day gets better.

She thanked me for checking in on her.

I really do hope her day got better!!

I thought about her for the rest of the afternoon, and on the way home I checked to make sure she wasn’t there.

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2 Responses to What Would You Do?

  1. You so did the right thing – just that break in her thoughts may have changed things. Bless you.

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