Thoughts on Travel

So, we all love to go on vacation!

But sometimes getting there isn’t fun or easy!

Here are some things I encountered this trip.  Some are funny and some just made me shake my head.

My flight out of Boston left at 7am.  I got an email a few days before from JetBlue letting me know to be there two hours early, because it would be a busy morning.  I always get there more than two hours early anyway!

That Saturday morning there were about 500 people in line that already had their boarding passes and just had to do the ‘luggage drop’ and there were about 15 people in line waiting to check-in.  Hmmmmmmmmmm!   Which line did I get in?!!?  That’s right the one with 15 people.  Crazy!

Since I had extra leg room, JetBlue offers ‘even more speed’ through security.  When I got to the security line there weren’t many people there, and i flew right through!

BUT, then it was 545am and Boarding wasn’t for another hour.  LOL!

The flight was excellent.  Free wifi!  Thanks JetBlue!  Loved the extra legroom too.

I shared my row with a man and woman that were vacationing together.  They were very nice and funny!  They were supposed to be in the same row with me on the way home……….but the man never showed up for the flight.  I asked the woman if she had a good vacation and she said she hadn’t seen her friend since Tuesday.  OMG WHAT???  She left him there??!  WTH!  Turns out that he was partying more than she was used to and she asked him to get his own room.  YIKES!

Going through customs in Jamaica this time was so GOOD!  Last year it took more than an hour to get through the airport and customs.  Not so this year.  There is a ramp where usually there is a huge crowd.  This year I was able to fly right through!  Thank you!!!!!

Leaving Jamaica was very easy too!  The past two years there were huge lines going through security.  This year they were so organized and it was painless!!  I had time to spare at the gate before my flight!

UNTIL…..boarding the flight, I was selected for additional security check.  What does that mean??????  It means that while I should’ve been one of the first people on the plane because I was in the third row, I was almost last.

Additional security means, I was stopped from boarding with about four other people.  An agent went through EVERYTHING in my carryon bag.  She went through everything in my tote.  Opened my wallet and even unzipped a section in my wallet too.  WHAT???!!!!  Then I had to take off my shoes again and she inspected them.  Finally they allowed me to board the flight.  I was horror struck!  LOL!

Coming back into Boston… now there are automatic machines where you answer some questions, scan your passport and get a photo receipt to turn into the customs agent.  No problem right?!  Wrong.  Too many people, not enough machines.

Then the customs agent asked me how much money I was bringing back.  I said “less that I brought with me, under $800”  WELL, that didn’t go over well.  He asked me for the exact amount.  WHAT????   I left the airport shaking my head.

Love vacation!

Don’t always love getting there or getting back!

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Travel

  1. jaelach says:

    Oh man. That sounds crazy. I would have been irritated with the person going through every single thing. I’m flying for the first time in 10 years this fall. I’m not going to know what I’m doing. On my last flight (which was my first) some passengers were downright rude to me because I wasn’t following their airplane protocol.

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