My Jamaican Friends!

I love the Riu Palace Jamaica.  It’s an awesome resort.

BUT, what makes it so awesome is the people that work there!!

They are the best people I have ever met on vacation!!!

Every day people said hello to me.  By NAME!

So many people remembered me from the past two years.  Some that I didn’t remember even.  (that made me feel a little bad, but during my week I tried to remember everyone by name!)

At breakfast and lunch every day Audley had a table ready for me with my breakfast drink of cranberry juice and ice water or my lunch drink of soda in my Dunkin Donuts cup!  He is such a kind soul and great person!!  It was so sad saying goodbye to him on my last day!

Audley and KEG

Audley and KEG

I hope to see him again next year.  But, if I don’t I know he will be there smiling and making everyone happy!

Another of my favorite people in Jamaica is Damion.  The first two years he was in charge of one of the specialty restaurants.  He made time to come into the buffet each night to check in on me!

This year he was overseeing all the specialty restaurants and the buffet.  Even though he was super busy he still made time to visit me!

damion and keg

damion and keg

I believe this resort should be run by someone from Jamaica.  Listening to Damion talk about the business and seeing him look after the guests I can tell he would be perfect for that job!  I told him that some year when I come back, I want him to be in charge!

I saved the best for last.  I love Natalie.  She turned 27 while I was there and I got to celebrate her Birthday!!!  She is so SWEET!!!!  She took care of me every night at dinner and made sure I was having a great time too!  I remembered to pack a Birthday card for her this year too!  We are friends on facebook, so we can always stay in touch!

Natalie and KEG

Natalie and KEG

Fingers crossed I get to visit my Jamaican friends in 2017!!

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2 Responses to My Jamaican Friends!

  1. jaelach says:

    That’s awesome! 😀

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