Boston To Montego Bay, Jamaica

On Saturday April 9, 2016 I flew from Boston to Montego Bay!!

boston to montego bay

boston to montego bay

My flight was at 7:00am, and I had received an email from JetBlue letting me know to be sure to arrive at least TWO hours early for the flight.  I usually do for international flights anyway!

I got picked up at 4:30am and was at the airport and the gate by 6am!  The check-in with JetBlue was quick and because I had extra legroom that meant I also had ‘even more speed’ security line.

extra legroom seat

extra legroom seat

It was so early the airport didn’t have many people there at all.

Once everyone got on the plane it took off right away.  Maybe even a little early too!

I love JetBlue and their extra legroom.  I also love the map that lets me know how much further the journey is!  Just a little bit longer!

jetblue map

jetblue map

Flying into Montego Bay is beautiful !!!!

flying into montego bay

flying into montego bay

Soon I was on the ground in Jamaica!!!

This year getting through customs was super easy.  There were tons of people but the lines were short and moving right along!

I was at my hotel only thirty minutes after the plane landed and in the sun soon after!!!

All before noon!


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